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Garo Hills as Amazing Hill Station of Meghalaya

By Anooppt @anoopppt
Garo Hills as Amazing Hill Station of Meghalaya If you ever wish to see the tropical beauty which is nurtured by the thick forest and dimension of Greenery than make sure to be around the site of Garo Hills which is one of the most affluent places where you are sure to witness why Meghalaya is renowned for natural hegemony.
Positioned perfectly across the state of Meghalaya, the section of Garo-Khasi hills can be considered as the prime attractions of Meghalaya. Here within the ambience of the Garo hills which reflects the sophistication of hilly atmosphere is inhabited by many tribes of the state.
Garo Hills as Amazing Hill Station of Meghalaya
Dwelling wonders of Garo hills is addressed by sub tropical climate which means the rainfall here is going to rule the land and perhaps the weather condition here always relishes the clouds to cry enough rainfall to wet the slopes of the hills. Located within the heights the damp environment of this place gives womb to much green forest which in turn makes this place efficiently resourceful for the tribes who in turn capitalizes the opportunity provided by the nature.

Garo Hills as Amazing Hill Station of Meghalaya

New identified legless amphibian species in Garo Hills

Since we have already talked about the exotic environment which remains shrouded within the mist of cloud throughout the year the place is inhabited by brilliance of fauna which in turn has made this site sufficient in terms of natural calibration. Nearby Attraction While walking down the pristine hills of Garo you are sure to explore some of the amazing attraction which is to be found within the vicinity of it. Make sure to walk around the site of Nokrek Peak which is the highest summit of the Garo region and of the state, Tura Peak which is
renowned as a majestic peak of the Taro region, Imilchang Dare sprawling thrust of waterfall, Balpakram and many more.
Garo Hills as Amazing Hill Station of Meghalaya
So be here because the call of winter can be enjoyed nowhere better than within the helms of Meghalaya where hospitality of the tribes and punctuality of weather are sure to take your breath away. Best Time to Visit Since the site remains dense under the drops of rainfall almost half of the year the most ideal time to see the springs and dense forest of the Garo hills is during the call of winter but make sure to carry an enough warm clothes to keep you running because weather could be unfamiliar at any given time of the year.
Garo Hills as Amazing Hill Station of Meghalaya
Things to Do The most sounding and appropriate measures you can look to sum up here while traveling the distance is allure the meadows of green or best try and stay here to understand the culture of the tribal people of the Garo hills. How to Reach By air-the nearest airport is Guwahati international airport which is located at a distance of about 223 km and from here it will take around 3 and half hours of drive to reach here. By train-the nearest railway station is Guwahahti railway station, Assam which is located at a distance of around 166 km and it will take 3 hours of ride to reach here.

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