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Gals: Here Are 7 Ways to Love Your Guy Without Breaking the Bank.

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

 7 ways to love your guy without breaking the bank

Last week’s blog was for the guys, now this one is for you!  When life gets busy with work, taking care of the children, and the demands of everyday life, sometimes saying I love you gets forgotten. Financial concerns add yet another challenge to delivering your love message.   But showing your man you love him doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!  Taking the time to be creative is the key to keeping your love fresh and exciting.

ways to love, inexpensive ways to show love,Why creativity?   Because while expressions of love are important in a relationship, letting someone know you love them always takes a personal turn.  Everyone wants to be loved in different ways.  How can you communicate your message of love in a way your guy is sure to hear?

My advice to you for love:  Know your guy!

Make sure you know your guy well when thinking of creative ways to show your love for him.  Do you know what his pet peeves are and what his fondest desires are?  Without this knowledge, messages of love can unintentionally fall on deaf ears. 

Use your knowledge of him to help you love him the way he wants to be loved.   Don’t gift him with something that has no meaning to him.  Find out how your partner wants to be loved, and then make it reality.

Also, find the proper timing. Delivering a love message at the wrong time is almost as ineffective as not delivering it at all. For instance, if your guy comes home from work hassled from a 2 hour commute and just wants to cool down, it is not a “seize-the-moment” opportunity – you might even find that your best attempt at affection fails. Avoid that trap, watch for the perfect moment and then go for it.

Take a look at these seven simple tips.  With creativity, you can show him you care-without causing your bank account to crash.

  1. Messages of love  Send a loving text or voice mail to his phone during the day.  Keep it light hearted.  Short, simple and playful will do the trick.
  2. Picture this!  Take a picture of yourself in an outfit he likes, preferably one he has commented on before.  Send it to him via text or phone. Add a fun caption underneath: “thinking of you now.”
  3. Invite him to a romantic dinner.  Set the time and place: your dining room, the backyard or deck. Then do your homework first: Find a neighbor for the kids, prepare his special meal and put on his favorite outfit. Talk about him and how he makes you happy. Avoid “shop talk.”
  4. Write a love letter.  Mail it! Tell him what he likes to hear and seal it with a kiss.
  5. TV Time Give him an uninterrupted evening with the TV remote, without complaints.
  6. A special date.  Prepare for an intimate encounter: arrange for childcare, find a sexy outfit, and dim the lights. You know the rest.
  7. Praise, praise, and more praise. Men love to know they are the cat’s meow, especially your cat’s meow. Let him know it frequently.

Gifts of love are always welcome.  As you can see, they don’t need to cost a lot. Gifts of love from the heart say it all, loud and clear. Be a lavish giver today and every day in some small way and you can be blessed with the gift of a lifetime relationship.


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