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Galaxy Z8-GND-5296 Proves That Light Degrades to MICROWAVES.

Posted on the 23 October 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Galaxy Z8-GND-5296 proves that light degrades to MICROWAVES.Galaxy Z8-GND-5296 has a red shift value of 7.5, the largest ever recorded.
Galaxy Z8-GND-5296 is VERY FAR AWAY, and that's all it means.
In fact, it means the LIGHT HAS DEGRADED over 13 billion years ago since it began its journey, the wavelength of its light has lengthened towards the Microwave end of the electromagnetic spectrum.
And don't tell me that CMB or Cosmic Microwave Background is your only evidence of a Big Bang ... that makes it a bunkum theory.
This BB-brain-washing example of what a 7.5 red-shift might mean, from SkyNews but I have seen THE EXACT SAME PRESS RELEASE TEXT on several site, seems to imply that this means the further back in distance we look, the earlier the universe is.
Science has to ADMIT that 'all light we see' in our Solar Sphere i.e. where the humans live, is LOCAL LIGHT that has not yet degraded, it's TOO NEW and hasn't had time to sssssttttttrrrrreeeeeeettcccccccch on out towards the microwaves end.

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