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Full Moon 27th March 2013 – A Tremendous Build up of Energy is Released.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


I don’t often look ahead to the full Moon but the upcoming one on the 27th March in Libra does look rather significant and when you see the chart you will understand exactly why. New Moons are the completion of a cycle, it is when the point when the reflected light is at it’s absolute peak, the whole of the Moon is revealed and in the same manner we often get the culmination of a issue that has been building and building for some period of time. Think of the cycle this way, a seed is sown at the new Moon, this is a time when we begin new ideas and set things up for the future. The Full Moon sees that seed now grown and in full flower and our plans come to fruition, we see the fruits of all our labours. From than point, the flower or plant then begins to die as the energy runs out, the leaves fall and a new seed is formed for the next cycle to begin. In the same way what goes up must come down and as our project lessens in effectiveness, we have to adapt or change to begin a new cycle of growth.


This coming full Moon is full of energy. It occurs as 6:52 Libra opposite to the Sun, Venus Mars and Uranus a fearsome and volatile conjunction of planets in the sign of action and force, Aries. This is one of the strongest alignments of opposing planets I have seen in a long time being reflected off a full Moon, and this energy is cardinal energy wanting to start something. This full Moon is also square to Pluto so we have a transformative influence here, and there is a trine to Jupiter which extends the reach and scale of anything that occurs in the light of this moment in time. If something happens, it’s going to be huge.

We also have two yods on this chart, one pointing at Jupiter from Saturn and Pluto and one pointing at Saturn from Jupiter and Mars/Uranus. Yods are known as turning points in time and the energy within them is quite unstable. This is because the two inconjunct aspects which form part of a Yod are separating or adjusting aspects which force a change in circumstances. These two yods are cutting across from each other and are linked which gives me the impression of shearing or a big shift on both sides of the chart.

Put all this together and I believe we are looking at significant moment in time, a time that a lot of diverging energy will be finally released (full Moon) in a wide ranging (Jupiter), pro-active (Aries Stellium), transformative (Pluto) manner forcing difficult to deal with change (yods).

A few days ago I received a very interesting email from a friend in America. She said that a very psychic friend of hers had predicted a large earthquake in the California region within the next month and she wanted to know what I thought. I replied that if something might happen, then this full Moon on the 27th was a big candidate to initiate something.

The lead up to this full Moon is very stressed. The Sun ingresses into Aries on 20th and Venus on the 22nd. On the same day, Mars and Uranus make a conjunction in Aries, the cardinal pressure will be starting to build up. Jupiter and Mars make inconjunct aspects to Saturn on the 24th and 25th respectively Mars makes a sextile to Jupiter on the 26th and a square to Pluto on the 27th, the same day as the full Moon. This is a lot of outer planetary energy coming from different directions all building up and being released. The outer planets are the ones to force big events to occur, and I have a feeling that this full Moon will trigger something significant, even if there is not an earthquake somewhere on the planet.

FullMoon270313 LA

Now I looked at various cities in California and when I relocated this full Moon to Los Angeles, Pluto lands bang on the Ascendant. That Ascendant will be conjunct the fixed star Facies, a very focused and potentially destructive star in Sagittarius and Pluto will be rising in paran with the star Alhena, a star that represents the wounded heel in the constellation of Gemini. Looking back to 1906 and the great San Francisco earthquake, Alhena was conjunct to Neptune at that time.

Pluto rising over Los Angeles as this potent full Moon occurs is a rather worrying as Pluto is the planet of destruction. Now I don’t know if this is at all significant, but when I got a reply from my return email, I got some more information and it was a hell of a coincidence. The psychic had also mentioned Los Angeles too…

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