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Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Story-you Can Have One Too!

By Momatlast @momatlast

I remember searching the internet for hours to try to find frozen embryo success stories. I found some, but I never felt like there were relevant to me. They all had numerous eggs and perfect embryos to freeze. That was not our situation at all. I hope you will find encouragement through our frozen embryo transfer success story.
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Not long after we got married my husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby. We tried naturally for about a year. When that was not successful we decided to go to the doctor. My doctor sent us to a fertility specialist and he diagnosed us with male factor infertility. My test all came back “normal”. The doctor recommended that we skip the smaller interventions and go straight to IVF with ICSI. It was a little intimidating, but we were thrilled to think we would be having a baby soon.

Our first IVF attempt was a complete bust. Even though I was only 23 at the time, the doctor had a hard time getting me to respond to the meds, and I only ended up producing 6 eggs. The embryos were of poor quality and we did not get pregnant. We waited a month and tried again. This cycle seemed to go very well. I responded better, and produced a few more eggs this time. We transferred three good quality embryos, and we got pregnant. The joy of getting pregnant for the first time did not last long. Within two weeks of finding out, we had a miscarriage. I handled this miscarriage well. I felt encouraged to know that we could get pregnant. Since I am a teacher, we had to wait almost a full year to try again. The next summer we went through two more IVF cycles. We had the exact same results; one negative and one miscarriage.

At this point I was not so optimistic anymore. If we did not have eight frozen embryos, then we may have stopped trying. Since a frozen embryo transfer is a lot less demanding than a fresh cycle, we did not wait until the summer to try again. We moved forward with our first FET, and found ourselves pregnant again. The pregnancy resulted in another miscarriage. We were devastated. I did not believe I could carry a baby to term, and was starting to feel very guilty. My husband was very supportive, but I knew he wanted to start a family as badly as I did. We still had frozen embryos left and felt like we had to give them a chance.

I’m so happy that we did not give up, because this frozen embryo transfer led to the birth of our beautiful, healthy baby boy. I am sharing our frozen embryo success story with you to encourage you to keep trying. I also want you to know that those frozen embryos can become healthy babies. I am so thankful to be able to share this with you, and I hope you will be sharing your story soon.

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