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From Statutory Rape to “Pedophilia”: Anatomy of a Moral Panic

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Calvinthedog

About ten years ago, I was close friends with this lesbian. She was underage, but just barely. She was ~17 years and 9 months old – 3 months shy of 18. She would not stop pestering me to fuck her, but I ended up turning her down, and there was a part of me that really wanted to do it. But there another part that was terrified of going to prison. I also was worried that maybe some of my enemies (I had a number of them) had set this whole thing up to bust me on underage sex charges.

Really it’s just statutory, but nowadays, a 43 year old man screws a 17 3/4 year old girl, and if you get caught, the charges will be insane BS like “rape of a child,” “sexual assault on a child,” bullshit lies that that. They used to call this stuff statutory rape as that is all it is, but since the Feminist Scum/Puritanical Christian Garbage got hold of this “pedophile” bullshit in the last 30 years, hardly anyone gets arrested for statutory anymore. They always charge you with some crime that sounds like child molesting or pedophilia.

Also the media headlines will say, Sexual Predator Arrested for Assault on a ChildChild Molestation Charges Leveled at Man, and the news articles will call you pedophile and child molester. After you get out of prison, you are on the Sex Offender Registry for life. It’s all so insane. But on the other hand, so the laws are crazy, so what? A crazy law is still the law, and the law’s the law, you violate it at your peril, and in this case, if you get caught, you’re basically fucked for life.

Sir! You see that 16 year old girl over there you are dying to screw? She’s underage. Best think twice about that, my man!

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