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From Little Things, Joy Can Grow. Find the Simple Pleasures in Life.

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

I’m sure we all know people who seem just so happy and upbeat ALL the time … you know who they are … possibly their character is just wired that way, and, hey, if you are one of them, I’m really a tad envious. It’s a gift, I’m sure, because many of us have to work hard at acknowledging the small things in life that can bring such daily joy.

From little things, joy can grow. Find the simple pleasures in life.

When life is frantically flat strap, kids are fighting, washing piles mounting and you’re running low on sleep and energy, it can be dreadfully hard to find much pleasure in the “little things in life”. At times like this many Mums (myself included) feel challenged to appreciate the small things and instead crave something bigger and more exciting. Anything even ….. please ….

Sometimes, though, that kind of wanting can leave you feeling pretty flat and discontent. Hanging out for something super-wonderful and exciting could be a pretty long wait, and so here are just a couple of tips for stopping, smelling the proverbial roses and enjoying life’s small pleasures in the meantime.

Recognise the importance of the small things and the contribution they make

It is so very easy to just forget how important the small things actually are. Logically, when you consider it, almost every “big and exciting thing” had to have a series of small steps leading up to it in order to make it happen. As a simple example, think about moving into a dream house that you’ve built. Getting the key to the door comes literally after a brick by brick process. So, surely, from little things, big things do grow.

Think of the little things as being the stepping stones or building blocks of something bigger to come – it’s an easy reframe and can certainly help with alleviating the feelings of frustration often associated with the daily grind.

Remember, though, there are times where the little things may not lead to something bigger and are just wonderful themselves. Be sure to enjoy them too, as they really do matter!

Search for those simple things, hunt them down if you need to

Switch on your “small things radar” and actively look for joyous little things to acknowledge. It’s a skill that may take a little while to develop, but the rewards are wonderful. Practice by taking daily time to explore your world in the way a small child may explore theirs – be conscious of the sounds, sights, colours and smells (ok, maybe not all smells) and find some thrill in something simple that would usually go unnoticed.

Can’t find a simple pleasure from today? Well, create one!

From little things, joy can grow. Find the simple pleasures in life.

Have you had a rough day?

Found it hard to find a little gem of everyday-ness to enjoy?

It’s ok, really, here are some things that you can do in order to create a bit of simple pleasure for yourself and those around you …

  • sit down with a cuppa … nice and quietly, sip slowly and enjoy. 
  • watch the sunset, paying attention to the stillness, the colours and the change in air temperature
  • discover something new – read to discover a new idea or some new knowledge
  • get (or make some wind chimes) and place them somewhere that they can be easily heard
  • water some plants – study the shades of green on the foliage
  • help someone with a task they are doing
  • play your favorite song – more than once!
  • grab some blank paper and a pencil and draw …anything
  • take a relaxing shower and put on a fresh set of pajamas. Head to the couch with a book to escape in.

Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is to really appreciate what pleasure you are taking from it. It’s never time wasted when you grab the opportunity to slow the brain down and refocus on smal things to be joyful for. Just look for them, they’re all around us waiting to make you happy if we let them!

What’s your favorite simple pleasure in life? What little thing always brings you joy?


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