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#FriFotos – Boats (I Got My Swim Trunks and My Flippie-floppies)

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

I am happy to say, that “boats” are the theme for this weeks #FriFotos. A boat, by definition, is a vessel made to float in a body of water. Anyone that knows anything about Kenin and myself, knows that we love water. We have sailed on a great number of cruises, we like all water sports (well, most water sports), we have always lived close to oceans, and I am from a small island, which meant weekend beach trips were mandatory. This also means that we love boats. Here are a small collection of our personal favorite photos of boats.

This is me cruising with my dad on Flying Fish. This is our “party” boat.

I mentioned before that I am from a nice small island in the Caribbean. Trinidad is where my family still resides and I visit often. This is usually what we do for fun.

Ramblin' on the High Seas

Ramblin’ on the High Seas with my dad.

This is Zaga. This is my dad’s speedboat. We take it out when we visit and I want to get a little adrenaline rush. Not for cruising.


Zaga - our Trini speedboat

Zaga – our Trini speedboat

We spent this past holiday season in Trinidad. I know what you are thinking. What does Christmas have to do with this weeks #FriFotos? Well, when you are from a tropical island and live in houses that have no chimneys, Santa is left to do one thing, improvise!

Soca Santa bringing all the toys

Soca Santa bringing all the toys

While cruising through the Caribbean, we came across this “boat”. At least now we know where all the rum went. This was the highlight of my Disney cruise. After this sighting however, I was constantly on the lookout for pirates.

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman

These fishing boats look like they are ready to race.

Boats in the Caribbean

Ready, Set, Go!

Saw this guy in the Bahamas.

Bahamian Boat

Not sure where his allegiances belong to.

This is my dream boat. One day it will be mine and Kenin and I will sail around the calm waters of the Caribbean on her.


Everyone has a dream boat.

This boat was washed ashore on a lake we lived on many years ago in Orlando. This is what hurricanes do to boats

Bad hurricane!

Carnage of a boat

Hurricane carnage

My last contribution to this post isn’s a photo, but a video that expresses just how much I love boats.

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