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Friday’s Featured Food: Desayuno Nica in Leon, Nicaragua

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair
leon breakfast nicaragua

Breakfast at Desayunazo in Leon, Nicaragua.

When backpacking in Nicaragua, my first hostel, the Casona Colonial in Leon didn’t have their own breakfast so I headed out into a restaurant in town to try a local place. I headed to Desayunazo, a popular restaurant on a corner, frequented by locals and foreigners.

nicaraguan breakfast leon

Friday’s Featured Food: Desayuno Nica in Leon, Nicaragua

Straight to the menu to find the prices were cheap and they had a local breakfast option called Nica Breakfast so that was what I went for.

desayunazo nicaragua

A Nica Breakfast please.

For 55 Cordobas only – which is around $2 US so I ordered it with an orange juice – total bill was under $2.50.

Desayuno Nica in Leon, Nicaragua.

Desayuno Nica in Leon, Nicaragua.

The thing is, I was still missing Mexican food big time and though I had some great meals along the way like the British pub in Belize and the incredible Sopon Tipico in San Salvador, I wasn’t blown away by the food much in other Central American countries.

This breakfast as well wasn’t up to much, I have to say was good value but completely average in taste. But then again I actually was almost at the end of my Central America trip so it wasn’t so bad. I’d still recommend trying it of course as you’ll only be in Leon once, and of course your taste buds might warm to it more than mine.

Here’s a video from the breakfast in Desayunazo, Leon:

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