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Friday's Fancies Turns 100 & Jungfrau - Day 4 European Vaca.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh

friday's fancies turns 100 & jungfrau - day 4 european vaca.dress : ring : earrings : clutch : shoes
happy friday everyone! what a great day to come back to friday's fancies after being away. i can't believe that friday's fancies is celebrating 100! even though i have not been part of the friday's fancies family for that long, i do enjoy creating outfits and seeing what others come up with! with friday's fancies turning 100, i opted for an oscar worthy outfit :) i would love to don this outfit somewhere fancy, now i just have to find the occasion!
friday's fancies turns 100 & jungfrau - day 4 european vaca.
now on to day 4 of my trip. this was probably my most favorite day while visiting switzerland! the weather was clear and sunny, which was perfect conditions to make our 3 hour train trip from brienz to the top of europe (jungfrau). once we made our way to wengen, we had to purchase separate train tickets to jungfrau. as we made our slow ascent to the top, we were advised to snack and drink water due to the altitude. the higher we went up, the more i could tell the change. being over 11,000 feet up sure does have it's toll on you. your head feels tons of pressure, almost like a bad headache and you become very winded and dizzy easily. the suggestion to snack and drink water did help a ton though. the views from the top of europe were breathtaking and i was constantly snapping pictures from being in awe. my two favorite parts were the ice palace inside the mountain and going outside and making snow angels next to a glacier! i highly suggest, that if you ever make a trip to switzerland that you go see jungfrau. i will most certainly be making a trip back there :)

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