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Friday Lens Affair #93

By Marysia @mytravelaffairs

Herero Woman from Opuwo town in Namibia

Today I’m featuring superb photograph of Herero woman from Opuwo town in Namibia. Taken by Bente Vold Klausen from Travel with all senses Blog. You should check Bente’s Instagram, she has some amazing shots there! And please follow her on Facebook as well.

Picture Story: Herero Woman from Opuwo town in Namibia

Last Christmas my husband and I traveled in Namibia for 3 weeks. We went all the way up to Opuwo near the border to Angola. I have for many years wanted to meet the Himba people and so we did. In the small town of Opuwo you meet a lot of representatives of ethnic groups that still live traditional lives. The city is a colourful meeting place. Nowhere in Africa have I seen such a diversity of clothing, jewelry and hairstyles. Opuwo is one of the most exiting places I ever visited, well out of the common tourist track!

This picture is of a Herero Woman. The Herero are an ethnic Bantu speaking group, mostly living in Namibia. Their women are known for their Victorian inspired dresses and the shawl is wrapped in a very characteristic way. So you will always recognize a Herero woman by her clothes. The lady in the picture is wearing a traditional dress and shawl sewn together of many different fabrics, like patchwork.

We spent the afternoon in the city, or more like a big village, just walking around in the muddy main street when I spotted the perfect motif. She sat outside a local bar and smiled as we passed. It was the perfect color scheme and so were the proportions. I have asked if I could take a photo and she nodded and wanted to rise up and pose. I tried to prevent her from mowing and managed to get her to understand that she had to sit down again. Her female friend came out from the bar and had a good laugh and teased her. But she kept sitting, stopped smiling and I got my photo.

Afterwards we talked, with our hands and smiling. She was a great lady. Very beautiful and with a lot of pride. Its in such situations I am often sad we all don’t speak the same language. Just think about all the matters we could have discussed as one woman to another.

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