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Friday Favorites + Monthly Recap

By Thedreamery
Friday Favorites + Monthly RecapOh my goodness gracious, the end of February is here, vacation has final come and we’re already two months into 2016. What?! {Insert monkey covering eyes emoji because he totally gets me right now, and always!} But there is no use in dwelling on how time is passing so quickly, instead I look back and think of the days this month that have felt fulfilled, motivating and truly lived. And I look forward to the days ahead, to Spring, to all the exciting things that are to come, even all the work that awaits me, and all the unknowing things I’ve yet to encounter and discover. February, you’ve been a rewarding month, one of growth and love. Friday Favorites + Monthly RecapSince February is known for celebrating love, it was my overall goal for this month. My daily mediations were focused on forgiveness and loving more. The first person I had to show it more to, was myself. I’m a pretty confident person, but there are days, sometimes more than I’d like, that I do begin doubting my career choices, questioning whether starting my own business was the right decision, and the dreaded what if’s filling my mind. But at the end of the day, I am proud of myself, and what I am achieving! It’s really helped me to accomplish a lot this month on the business front, including showcasing at a bridal show and signing up for this course, and other tasks I have been hesitant to take up for so long. I got sh** done this month to say the least, which I know will be pay off, and it feels great! IMG_0436Friday Favorites + Monthly RecapThere was also another person my forgiveness and loving mediations were towards, someone in my life who I frequently don’t see eye to eye with. Although, it was mid-month, and I didn’t think this relationship would get better, I’ve learned to just accept this person and their personality, that I mustn’t react the way they’re acting, instead I must radiate love at all costs. And you know what, this relationship has immensely improved. I can’t change people’s opinions, whether I believe they’re judgmental, hypocritical, or close minded, it’s much better to just accept, and focus on the qualities that you can get along with. Friday Favorites + Monthly RecapFrom thoughtful flowers bringing color and life to personalized handmade Valentine’s cards, I made sure there was plenty of love to go around this month. Friday Favorites + Monthly RecapFriday Favorites + Monthly RecapBe more present. Don’t you feel that’s always a work in progress. There are days we just get so caught up in work, or we just aimlessly are attached to our phones or social media, but my goal of totally shutting down the hours before bedtime is getting better. My problem is that I actually enjoy catching up and reading blogs or articles on my phone at night, but I’ve definitely improved. I have been on a mission to simplify my home though, as in my already anal organized personality but on another level. I blame it on this book, but I’m not complaining, it feels liberating, and it’s finally wearing off my parents! Friday Favorites + Monthly RecapJanuary’s new hobby was learning Italian, which is totally going strong. I love discovering similar words and sounds to Portuguese. My favorite is anything in the “we” tense. Elizabeth Gilbert did say it best, attraversiamo, really is such a beautiful word. I’m still continuing my daily 15 minute lessons, but this past month I finally did it…I got my calligraphy set! I’ve been getting more calligraphy and handwriting projects for events, that it was time I learned the technique properly. I should’ve known years as a young girl creating different shaped and colored fonts would somehow be of use to my future self. IMG_2031Friday Favorites + Monthly RecapFriday Favorites + Monthly RecapFebruary was a great month for boosting my overall mind and body energy and vitality. I’m midway through my half marathon training, and after having knee surgery a year and half ago, it’s felt quite motivating being able to run just as long, fast, and if not stronger than before getting hurt. I’m on track of beating my personal record for my second go at 13.1 miles, and it energies even more. Although, I still can’t grasp at running every single day, I’ve found a training routine that works for me, involving a few strength and intense dance workouts. I just can’t wait for the weather to warm back up and take my runs outside more. Friday Favorites + Monthly RecapI’ve also upped my meditations this month. I will admit there were a few days I only mustered 2 minutes or so, and those days I honestly felt it. I would be frustrated and agitated, yet somehow the Universe would show me signs of love and encouragement. Like this day pictured above, while frustrated working on a project I looked outside to find two hearts in the snow beneath my window. And since that day, it’s as if I’ve felt lighter, things haven’t bothered me like before. I’ve also taken up the practice of setting up a full moon altar, considering my name Diana is said to have derived from the Roman Goddess of the moon, it was time I acted upon this connection I’ve always felt with it, working with it to bring positive energies into my life. Farewell February, here’s to hoping I return from Jamaica to a March wistfully showing its first sign of Spring, and all the great things it brings! Have a great leap year weekend! 

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