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Free WiFi for Some Apps Says the Football League

Posted on the 05 April 2016 by Technogala @TechnoGala

The number of Wi-Fi’s in each area is becoming wider day by day with the increasing use of internet and several agencies have even started giving out free Wi-Fi in crowded areas which primarily acts as a promotional activity. The latest in that league is the England’s Football League which has announced free wi-fi, for a particular set of official apps, will be made available at the Championship, League One and League Two stadiums.

The fans who come to witness the matches will be able to access the various club-branded apps to get news, social media content, highlights and even do online betting. However access to the wider internet would not be possible and hence users would not be able to browse or use any social media.

The Football League added that a majority of clubs had signed up to participate in the deal, and that the full list of confirmed participating clubs will be announced after 30 June.

Though it will still take some time to confirm the participating clubs, it is confirmed that British wi-fi provider Intechnology will implement the service.

This free wi-fi would certainly come as a boon to the fans who had been frustrated with overloaded mobile networks at half-time, according to Intechnology chief executive Peter Wilkinson. While it is notable that people may use a 3G or 4g connection if they want an continuously streaming output having a 3G or 4G service could also be expensive, he added.

Wi-Fi at sports events does not always prove popular with fans as in 2014, the supporters at PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands protested against the introduction of wi-fi at their club’s stadium, saying spectators should pay attention to what is happening on the pitch, not their smartphones.

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