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Free Planet - What is Truth - and Why Don't You Want It?

Posted on the 28 February 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
"Do you just enjoy the game?" I'm asking you, YOU out there reading this blogpost, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year like it's just a gnat or wasp; nothing more than an irritant at the picnic.
What are you doing here, if not SEARCHING FOR TRUTH?
Whatever that truth might be.
Why are you here?
Why are WE here, together, sharing and wondering about REAL MEANING on a REAL WORLD in what might just be a REAL LIFE?

In fact, why aren't our governments and mainstream media (that we pay for) already helping us along the Path To Understanding? It's what our purchases, that fund The Industry's advertising ability, pay for. We are the owners of teh governments and the advertisers on mainstream media, if THAT TRUTH be told, we the Consumers of those Goods and Services, are THE PAYMASTERS. Flashy dvertising executives in their overpriced cars and overtailored suits are just parasite middle men for the ambivalent revenue stream that we supply.
The corporations, be they energy consortiums or telecoms consortiums or military consortiums or food & drink consortiums, take out that promotional cost from their PROFIT calculations (that governments tax us) is by the by ... WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING that takes place on OUR PLANET.
Without us, they die. Without our tacit compliance to the fractured rules of the Game, CONSUMERISM DIES. Every societal system dies.
They won't tell you that on TV in the Press, they CAN'T tell you about the complicity; the obligation. Instead they brain you every ad break with your loyalty to the GAME. And it is, still, a game. Drink this, not that. Vote red, not blue. It's all a pointless game. In this game you're only told those rules that help THEM win every time; that ensure that you lose. Shouldn't you be angry about playing such a game? Where is your intelligence? Oh, yeah, you're keeping up with the Joneses, I forgot. LOL.
Do You The People, the inadvertant slave masses, just like being abused in this blatant public fashion, "Why don't any of you want REAL TRUTH?" it's not like it's even that scary; it's just that you LOST CONTROL of your world.

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