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Free Planet - This Planet is Not Ours to Own - It's Ours to Protect from Ourselves.

Posted on the 14 March 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Free Planet - this planet is not ours to own - it's ours to protect from ourselves.

right to protect our homeworld

we need to think of a way to TOTALLY ANNIHILATE the Profit-making Mindset on this insane Economy-ruined planet. Once and for all. A decisive maneuver so that no-one in the future will ever want to begin a FOR PROFIT WAR in the name of some ideal or democracy or "freedom". We're being played, people. Those who 'think' they run this world don't realize that AT ANY MOMENT we, that's all seven billion of the sovereign individuals who really run this world can say, "STOP!" and that'll be it. All wars will end. All slavery will end. All unethical technology will end. We can do this because WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR HOMEWORLD from the Global Gambling Game.  

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