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Free Planet - Genetic Diversity FAR MORE IMPORTANT Than Family Name - Reduce the Inbreeding

Posted on the 19 April 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - genetic diversity FAR MORE IMPORTANT than family name - reduce the inbreedingas Eugenics-theory would have it, it's better to KILL ONE RACE e.g. an enemy race, rather than DIMINISH ALL HUMANS in the following fashion:
it's the only way to ensure a) continues Diversity of the genetic pool on Free Planet and b) the ability of this exhausted, raped and/or pillaged planet to successfully feed, clothe and/or shelter ALL its living inhabitants (that list includes plants, trees, fungus, fish, insect, mammal, bird - everything).
Might seem harsh, and a little dictatorial, but (it's neither) hear me out.
What's the point of a GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY model of religious dogma supporting an ECONOMIC GROWTH model of slavery by debt (taxes (and other living charges)) when the planet is still ruined in less than a few decades? All those dogma-ised individuals will still be monetising imaginary debt and paying off banks that are (whatever happened to the free market?) too big to fail.
As a totally amoral RISK-gameplayer centralised Big Brother 'ethics and numbers' exercise/drill, you could opt for the BEG or Big Eugenics Gesture of nuke or pestilence or tsunami THE MAJORITY OF HUMANS on this planet, and it still wouldn't help. Centralised PRS or Problem Reaction Solution has never helped get to the root of the problem, which is:
As a race, our continued existence DOES NOT DEPEND, has never depended on, will never rely on Royal or Elitist Protectionism of our FAMILY NAME or LINEAGE, it depends on the one thing we tend to fight against, OUR DIFFERENCES and by this I mean our vast pool of Genetic Diversity. With the royal/elitist/name-saving regime in place you weaken future generations to the point of extinction - this is a fact of genetic reproduction: CLONES DON'T SURVIVE the ravages of time, they are a transitory solution to Diversity.
We need to COME TO A GLOBAL AGREEMENT on our Custodian Role upon this Free Planet, if that's the sort of homeworld we truly want.
We simply have to understand that it's not about having as many kids as possible any more (whether your issue is a third-world-country longevity issue or a first-world-country getting as much housing benefit from the state as you can issue) so that 'our name' or 'our local tribe' spreads like an ever-dying virus across the planes of reality. These are all BROKEN SYSTEMS because they ignore the basic Free Planet tenet.
Do right by - means you know (or have worked out (or been educated to understand)) what to do to ensure the continued survival of both the human race and all other races that currently inhabit this world. Reduce your number, but Diversify Your Genepool. We need to do this NOW, we need TOTALLY OPEN BORDERS stripped of territorial, religious and economically-restrictive boundary. We need to MIX and PRESERVE our geneline far far into the future, or we die as slaves in an  over-crowded Prison Planet.
Man, this comes across like a message in a bottle but I hope the message makes it to shore.

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