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Free Planet - Forests to Plant, Oceans to Clean, Grain Deserts to Divide, Planet to Rewild.

Posted on the 01 July 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Free Planet - forests to plant, oceans to clean, grain deserts to divide, planet to rewild.There's an advert on the TV right now that LITERALLY MAKES ME PUKE, and no it's not that annoyingly-excellent series of adverts for what-used-to-be Global Beef Burger Franchises.
It's an advert for ASIA PULP & PAPER. There's some smarmy corporate dronette simpering to the Consumer how they're aiming to "support actions for economic, social and environment sustainability," whatever that means.
Look, this is bullshit. Everybody knows Consumerism and the rape of this delicately balanced planet go hand in hand. You want more paper, you're going to have to accept industrially planted 'tree deserts' supporting NO DIVERSITY OF LIFE. Just sterilised stripped swathes of land that's been 'deloused of infestation' and chemically treated for optimum production and then planted with these zombie trees that will be torn down and pulped for scribbling on or printing on in the not too distant future long before they can provide life-enhancing oxygen or support for the multitude of lifeforms that could live in a real forest variety.
The extinction of tree function, that's the APP message.
If we don't need to keep records, we certainly don't need paper to compile reports upon. So, it's time to start thinking about THE PRISONERS. Mike, what are we going to do when we close all the prisons?
It's time to give these released citizens something to live for since the mechanism for their crime, profit, has been eradicated. And what better action than the tearing down of the Empire Infrastructure corporate and public sector slaves are paying for with their tax burden; day in, day out. Give the freed prisoners a mission to strip the horrendously poisonous stain of Empire from our once-beautiful planet. Let them demolish and dig up all trace of the Corporate War Machine, the shit housing estates, the useless crumbling sewers, the prisons and factories, the concrete overlay, the dreadful industry of PROFIT-making and ASSET-stripping in the name of human greed. And when I say prisoners, I mean ALL OF YOU.
Let's liberate these 'criminals' from their human need to simply make money - and don't think I'm just talking about 'prisoners' in jail, I'm talking about ANY REPRESSED INDIVIDUALS in all walks of life, all slaves to industry, all serfs of the Empire.
Let's encourage these powerful and organised individuals to help scrub the term Slave Nation from the dictionary.
Let's allow all borders to be broken and let humanity re-wild and diversify his planet to his own personal contentment.
There really is more to life than zombie-working 9-5, or more commonly now 24-7, for some fat controller who reaps all the reward in your name. That's just a game, and in that game you're nothing more than a Pawn on a Chess board. You're expendable, you're rank and file, you're a sacrifice if need be, collateral damage in the Empire's continued consumption of the world's limited resources.
As the title suggests, there's plenty of protecting of this planet to do; forests to plant, oceans to clean, grain deserts to divide, planet to rewild. Let's get on with it then.

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