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Free Planet - Floating Society - Implications of Loss of Land Ownership on Humanity

Posted on the 12 September 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - Floating Society - implications of loss of land ownership on humanitythe large component of "what we are" is the landscape we inhabit. Our ingenuity, our tribalism, our upbrining/leisure/knowledge stems from our 'nurturing environment'. This can be both a positive and a negative 'birthplace' - take the Vikings.
The what? The Vikings.
The pirate-marauding occupants of northern Scandinavia back in the 9th century and before. The Viking homeland had scarce pasture and many fjords, hence their lives became TOUGH and SEA-BASED.  Their fractured landscape influenced their religious beliefs and practices. To the south of their Viking tribelands were rich pickings in the form of pasture and Roman-trading settlements. The Vikings were 'created', became what they became, due to geo-political pressure vs need to survive.
So, what happens when you have a TOTALLY FREE TO ROAM "do right by free planet" global population that isn't restricted by country, credo or corruption? Where the basic essentials of local-solution food, shelter, water and warmth are catered for? Where there are no restrictions upon where you can go, what you can do, other than the 'do right by' ethos of LEAVE THE PLACE BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT? Where no one Person or Corporation has exclusive right of way. Where it is YOUR FREE PLANET?
What would happen to Human Society (as we currently knowit) in a de-Consumerised World where mankind realises that the only thing to do is a) consciously monitor his population and b) banish himself from the act of occupying/ruining the surface of the earth?
Surely this is the NATURAL PROGRESSION for mankind; to abandon the surface of the earth to allow it to heal, to allow the cities and the roads and the sewers to crumble, to open up the world to ALL ITS PEOPLE once again?

Those abstracted little movies attempt to deal with a new transport method with FAST TAXIS and SLOW HOMES that allow totally free access to all the Free Planet can offer.
In many ways it's a reversion to tribal or gypsy living, and we all know that's been around for thousands of years without a problem - you know, other than the stealing problem, but we eradicate that when we eradicate the NEED TO PROFIT on a Free Planet. You all see that, right, that PROFIT is the root of most if not all of the criminals in our prisons - which also go in a free planet. Yeah, no prisons. Total reintegration of all members of society back into more fluid DIVERSITIES; colonies of these floating homes.
And, as fantastical as all this seem, it might yet happen; so let's discuss it.
1) Would the name of the DIVERSITY become more important than the people who live in it?
Will this lack of CORPORATE NAME i.e. MIKE PHILBIN mean I won't be 'so concerned' about spawning the future or going forth and multiplying to ensure the the PHILBIN corporate lineage is laid down in stone?
2) What about pirate DIVERSITIES who rob and steal from others? Maybe crashing their floating home into others or stealing the home, abandoning the occupants to fend for themselves on the surface of a REWILDED WORLD?
3) I'm suggesting that the limitation imposed upon us by our geographical location is RIGHT, or PROPER; it's just something the ever-adaptable human can exist within - but it generates conflict between the HAVEs and the HAVENOTs. Africans, for example, what happens to the African Question in a Free Planet? When those people have all been freed from the threat of drought and famine every summer?

It's been shown again and again that PROFIT leads to WAR for control of asset and ultimately management of bottom line aka You The People; you are the real financial mechanism on this homeworld  -- when are you gonna realize this?

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