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France Wants Google to Show Them What’s In Their Secret Sauce

Posted on the 15 April 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains


The tension between Google and the E.U. continues to persist, now there is talk of a new law in France that would force Google to reveal its secret sauce, in other words show us how your algorithm works. If you think of Google as being dominant in the U.S. it is far greater when it comes to search in Europe. While making up 68% of search volume is the U.S. according to one report, it handles 90 percent in Europe.

From Foss Bytes:

Google’s secret search algorithm, the heart of Google, may not be a secret anymore. A law is under consideration in France that would force the search engine giant to reveal its most secret treasure- Google’s search algorithm. This would be one of the toughest supervisory over the internet company. The Financial Times has reported that the French government is passing a law in the French senate that could possibly force Google to publish the details of the method it uses to rank websites and show search results.

The European Union has been harsher towards Google and is going to accuse the search engine of illegally favoring its own services. This move could harm Google big time and Google, obviously, isn’t happy.

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It would seem that Google would leave France before ever allowing them access to their algorithm and intellectual property

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