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France Rocked by Presidential Sex Scandal

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Hollande Gayet

Everyone loves a juicy sex scandal now and then, and there is a huge one brewing across the channel from us in the UK. Francois Hollande the French President is in the news as you will know after being exposed as having an illicit affair with actress Julie Gayet. He has been spotted on a scooter speeding across Paris to the home of the actress and "Closer" magazine scooped the pictures. Oooh la la !!! The latest reports indicate that their liaison has been lasting since before the time that Hollande was elected.

FrancoisHollande natal

If you have a quick look at Francois Hollande’s natal chart, it is interesting to note that the sign Sagittarius sits on the cusp of his 7th house of permanent relations, a mutable sign and one which indicates that the president would always prefer lots of space in his relationships, he would rather have friendships to being tied down in a formal marriage. Mars sits in his 7th house so sex and excitement, so this will be the main draw for any formal relationship for him, and with Aries ruling his 12th house of behind the scenes and deceptive actions, the temptation for him to be unfaithful is ever-present within him.

Venus of course is the planet of relationships and love, and this planet resides in his 5th house of love and love affairs in the non-committal sign of Libra, a position Hollande shares with the French natal chart that also has Venus sitting in Libra. That Venus does want to be in a relationship very much and to receive and give love, and it connects not only to his Ascendant but also to his Midheaven too forming a grand trine, his love relations will affect him personally and it will also impact on his work. Venus squares to Mars on his natal chart so there is a great emphasis and need for love and sex within this man, but with little or no strings attached, a mutable sign Virgo also rules this sign. Mutable signs find switching from one place or situation to another very easily and thus his relationships and his affairs will likely always be in a state of permanent flux. Venus affects his 6th house of everyday work (via Libra) and his 12th house (via Taurus which is intercepted in this house) showing that his relationships will have hidden issues and will involve some sacrifice and suffering. Yes he will play around behind closed doors, but he will pay for it and feel some pain because of them.

It is very revealing that transiting Jupiter, the planet ruling his permanent partner of the moment (Valerie Trierweiler) is now conjunct Hollande’s South Node, a point of detriment, and as it has moved there she has gone into hospital and is suffering greatly from stress. Last but not least, Neptune on Hollande’s natal chart lies at the midpoint of Pluto and Mars, so sex, secrets and power will always be shrouded in mystery in his life and so it is transpiring.


JulieGayet natal

Julie Gayet was born in Suresnes in France on 3rd June 1972 at 12.55 ( so she is a chatty Gemini with a cool but experimental Aquarian Moon. She has a very powerful and expansive t-square connecting her natal Venus in the 10th house in Cancer opposing Jupiter in her 4th house squaring onto Pluto in her 1st house. Her relationships will be intense, based around powerful people, transformational in nature and will have an international hue through the Jupiter influence, how true is this!! Venus in the 10th house shows her career is based around her looks and beauty and creative talent, Mars in this house also makes her fiercely determined to succeed and to get to the top of her profession. Square to Uranus this Mars loves excitement and independence, she will experiment and land herself in unusual public situations. Certainly and taking things with a cynical attitude in a world where all publicity is good publicity, being the mistress of the President will shoot her to fame and fortune and the sudden nature of the revelations represent this square between Mars and Uranus very aptly. The Sun, Mercury and Saturn in the 9th house of international dealings shows she has ambitions (Saturn) to be known (Sun) around the world. The press (Mercury) and her very public relationship (Mars/Venus in 10th) will assure her of this.

Neptune opposes Saturn and Mercury, so she is imaginative, quite cynical and the Neptune Saturn opposition confirms the link between acting (Neptune) and career (Saturn). Neptune in the 3rd house is quite dreamy and sensitive and she will have a strong intuition to lean on. Neptune makes an inconjunct to Venus and this link is one that confirms her penchant for having illicit affairs too. Neptune through Pisces rules her 7th house of permanent relationships and marriage and the inconjunct indicates that a relationship will have to adjust and a separation(inconjunct) from a permanent partner (Neptune); she is divorced after having two children. I must also note that her 5th house of affairs is ruled by Saturn which is also affected by the opposition from Neptune, thus lies, deceit and playing loves games behind the scenes are all possible for her. 


Here’s the synastry chart between the two and it’s a beauty!! Julie’s Moon is in a very wide opposition to Francois Holland’s Leo Sun and Pluto conjunction so there is an instant and very deep and transformational connection here, linking intimacy, power and emotions. Even more interestingly, her natal Mars in Cancer sits bang on Holland’s South Node and opposes his natal Moon, so the planet of physical love connects with the President’s emotions and his point of familiarity in his chart. Many think that we enter the life with the talents that the South Node exude, these are things left over from out previous existence and any connecting planet in synastry can show an association from a previous life. This connection suggests these two souls may have been lovers in a previous life, and now they have reconnected to finish of any business that was left open from before.

Julie’s Pluto connects with Holland’s Venus and is square to his Mars, another intense relationship link which would set passion flying, especially as this square runs across his 5th/8th houses the ones of love and intimacy. Also her North Node conjuncts with Hollande’s Chiron and opposes his Uranus. This will cause unexpected pain and wounds on him that will likely never heal and adding to this her Chiron squares his Moon and his Jupiter too, so her intervention will affect not only François’ emotions but also his wife too with Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) ruling Hollande’s 7th house causing an worldwide stir - Jupiter rules international issues.

Wherever you look there are connections to illicit affairs, hurt, pain and transformation, even Julie’s deceptive Neptune sits at the midpoint between Hollande’s Venus and Midheaven connecting love (Venus), lies (Neptune) and his work (Midheaven). It’s a wonderful study of Astrology being played out in the full glare of the world’s press.

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