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Fragment of a Relief with Butcher's Scene and Fluteplayer

By Egyking

The fragment must have come from a mastaba chapel. Parts of two scenes are preserved on it. On the right hand side, part of the upper body of a man is visible. He is playing a transverse flute and is wearing a skull cap. On the left hand side, a man wearing a short wig and a loin-cloth is shown. He lifts his right leg, causing the loin-cloth to open slightly.
Fragment of a relief with butcher's scene and fluteplayer
A whetstone on a rope is stuck in the belt. The man raises up the foreleg of a cow with both hands. Of another man, holding the hoof, only the hand is visible, as well as a part of the knife which he uses to cut off the foreleg. The scenes are separated by a vertical line. Three or four lines of text are present.

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