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Fox News Switches Lies In Its Propaganda Campaign

Posted on the 08 May 2014 by Jobsanger
Fox News Switches Lies In Its Propaganda Campaign (This chart is from the website Daily Kos.)
I thought this was a very interesting chart, showing the Fox News switch in their propaganda campaign to support right-wing Republicans. After failing to garner much support in their effort to turn the Benghazi tragedy into some kind of scandal, they abandoned that effort. They put the full force of their propaganda campaign on trying to help the Republican defeat Obamacare (or at least make it fail).
But that didn't work out to well. As March turned into April, and April turned into May, it became obvious that Obamacare was turning out to be a huge success -- and even worse for the failed propaganda campaign against it, polls started to show that a significant majority of Americans no longer wanted Obamacare repealed. They now wanted it to be embraced by Congress, and improved.
It got to the point that Fox News was beginning to look pretty silly in their anti-Obamacare campaign. What were they to do? They couldn't admit defeat -- because they hated the African-American president too much. They had to keep trying to embarrass the president just to feed their own racist bigotry. But they didn't have a new lie to jump behind, so they brought back an old lie -- and doubled-down on their attacks. They went back to trying to convince Americans that somewhere, somehow, there had to be a scandal regarding Benghazi.
The whole thing is rather pathetic. The American people have already moved on from Benghazi, and they're not likely to want it brought up again. They also know that the Republicans must shoulder at least part (if not most) of the blame for Benghazi, since they were the ones that forced a $300 million cut in embassy/consulate security.
But you won't hear that from Fox News. They're not interested in telling the whole story -- only in trying to manufacture a scandal to help their right-wing Republican friends. It just goes to show they are not truly a news organization at all. They are just the propaganda wing of the Republican Party.

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