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Forty Days – Forty Items: The Lent Closet Purge

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen

This photo has been making the rounds on Facebook and I find it positively terrifying. To see hundreds and hundreds of people share this, like this, comment on this, think it's a great idea for themselves and their roommates and partners... it's a clear sign that our society has TOO MUCH STUFF! I know this, we all know this, but to be able to remove 40 items from your wardrobe, donate them, and still have a functioning wardrobe is a sign that we are wasting our money, wasting our time, wasting away our style.

I'm a fashion blogger. I get free clothes from companies, and I buy a lot of clothes to create new and fun outfits to photograph for the blog and wear to blog-related events. I come from a mother who has great style, sewed her own wardrobe and collected beautiful pieces over the years. I worked almost a decade in apparel and also amassed quite a collection of clothing that I treasure. While I have been paring down over the past year, I do still have a small corner of Studio 54 in the back of my closet. Even so, if I removed 40 items from my closet, I'd have a very hard time getting dressed for everyday occasions like work, a bridal shower, a wedding, a funeral.

If this Lent exercise sounds appealing, I strongly encourage you to do it. And after you have, maybe consider a journaling exercise to find your personal style so next year you aren't back in the same overloaded closet situation. Quality, not quantity creates style. And personal style helps you know yourself, feel good in your body and your wardrobe, and improves your self-image and self esteem. Fewer clothes usually creates more style.

For some inspiration to get the ball rolling (or the bag filled):

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