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Fort Collins, CO Considers Letting Women Go Topless in Public

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

The Untied [sic] States is more than $18 trillion in debt, a record high of 94.61 million Americans (ages 16 and over) are not in the labor force (which means the labor participation rate is a paltry 62.4%), Obama’s ruinous Middle East policy not only is a main cause of Europe’s “refugee” crisis, it is also bringing us perilously close to a war with Russia in Syria.

But Americans, ever frivolous, are told that the social issue of the day is #FreeTheNipple, a faux feminist cause that has a city in Colorado considering letting women go topless.

She’s freeing her nipple!

CBS4 Denver reports, Oct. 6, 2015, that Fort Collins City Council is considering potential changes to the current public nudity ordinance that would allow women to be topless in public after the issue was brought to their attention by a group of citizens.

On Oct. 20 the council will consider two potential updates to the ordinance:

  1. Maintain the current policy outlawing women to be topless in public, with an exception for breastfeeding mothers, medical emergencies and changing areas.
  2. Allow women to be topless in public.

Both options continue to prohibit any nudity from the waist down by any person over the age of 10.

Note: Fort Collins presently allow children under the age of 10 to expose their genitalia? Good grief. The city must be a haven for pedophiles.

Citizens are invited to respond to a brief online poll and share their opinions on the proposed changes to the ordinance at The poll will be open through Oct. 12.


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