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For the RINOs and Dinos(aurs) Who Can't Go Far Enough Backward in Time to Be Really Happy...

Posted on the 05 February 2013 by Doggone
Sarah Palin was never a candidate of the quality to be on the national political stage. I would argue that she quit as governor because she could make more money doing other least for awhile, which was the only reason along with attention that she was attracted to politics in the first place; and because she was not very good at being governor, as her many law suits and the state push back has demonstrated, including from her own state legislature. So in the context that Palin appeals to the insipient (no, not incipient, they are different words) cave man in in the right wing culture warriors, this is a very funny bit of word play.
For the RINOs and Dinos(aurs) who can't go far enough backward in time to be really happy...

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