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For Lack of Personal Measure

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture     A few of my more avid readers have pointed out that I’ve skimped on the personal edge of my writing lately. And to be honest, they are 100% correct. It’s not out of disinterest or loss of focus and direction, but more of personal dispute and lack of travel experiences. I invite you to read further to learn what I mean by that, as I open up and bare my tough circumstances to you.
     The past four to five months have been quite the roller coaster experience, full of more downs than ups. I’ve been unable to travel often because I was robbed in Puerto Rico in September. My rental car window was smashed in and everything was taken from me ...everything. After that happened I was forced (with no other options) to return to a family member in Minnesota. It was a very rough experience, as they had lost all value in family and were very abusive to live with. Due to misunderstandings and overreactions by the more bipolar member of the house, I was left to relocate in late December. So I set off back to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio to stay with a few friends. I remained in Minnesota since September to try and recover, as I wait for my insurance to repay my losses from the robbery.
     Fast forward to today... 137 days have passed and I am in the same position I was when I returned to Minnesota. The only difference is that I’ve experienced no recent travel and am in litigation with my insurance company. Those who know me will attest to this statement: Typically, I am positive-natured and up for a good time, always striving toward a new project or goal, however when I experience consistent loss and downs, I struggle to feel complacent. The past six months have been one of the most trying times of my life and it takes every bit of me to continue writing about a passion that feels as though I may never be able to experience again. I often move from this depressing thought stream to a more angered version. I know I’ll travel again – someday. However when the world seems to be against you, (note, that I’ve never quite felt that way until now) all dreams and passions seem far away and much more unrealistic. I’ve lost countless friends and family members this past year, I’ve lost my dog and all of my money. I’ve had to sit back while an insurance company (who’s slogan is “You’re in good hands”) commits acts of ‘bad faith’ and other illegal and heartless feats to try and get out of paying back what is owed to me.
     So for now, I sit back and work odd jobs just to pay the bills, while I force myself every day to remain upbeat and vigilant. Now that I wrote nearly 500 sad words, I’d like to end this piece on a high note and a promise. As I said in my Resolutions and goals for 2013 article, “I hope that my path will never stray for the worse and that I will continue to learn, grow, and be a better and wiser version of myself.” Everyday I remind myself of a more positive outlook, as well as my resolutions and goals for the year. A bit of hope, that’s all I can muster at this moment, however that speck of hope is just what I need to cling to! On top of keeping my head up, I promise to you to update more often about my personal goings on – even if it’s mundane and exceedingly boring. Thank you for all of your support, for without you, I would have no purpose, passion or gratification in my work. I hope that you will forgive and understand me, and continue to read, offer support and grow your passion for life and travel through my writing.
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