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Food Friday: St Peter Restaurant, The Oldest Restaurant in Central Europe

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

Welcome to Expat in Germany’s Food Friday!  While this is a travel/expat blog, for many travelers (myself included) experiencing the local food and drink along the way is part of the fun of traveling.  Let’s see what delicious concoctions we can share each week.   It could be a tasty meal you’ve had, a recipe, restaurant review, or food photography, whatever tickles your fancy and it doesn’t have to be travel related.  What you consider local might be exotic to someone else.
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St. Peter Restaurant, The Oldest Restaurant in Central Europe

st peter restaurant
St Peter Restaurant, properly known as St Peter Stiftskeller, is the oldest restaurant in Central Europe dating back to  803 and no that wasn’t a typo.  I really meant 803.  St Peter Stiftskeller is found in the heart of Salzburg, Austria’s Old Town in the St. Peter’s Abbey and has been serving traditional style food for over 1200 years.  It is one of the finest restaurants in Salzburg and known for its elegant ambiance.
st peter restaurant
I confess I haven’t been to St Peter Stiftskeller yet, I only discovered it while on a quick tour of Salzburg and didn’t think my jeans would have been the appropriate attire.  I do plan on going though and am especially intrigued by the Mozart Dinner Concert, in which Mozart compositions are played by period costumed clad musicians.  In-between compositions a set three-course meal is served in an ambient candle-light setting, which I think looks very romantic:

The Mozart Dinner Concert is a set menu is priced at €51 per adult, not including drinks.

If that wasn’t intriguing enough in itself, Charlemagne (King of the Franks and Emperor of the Romans) has dined at St. Peter Stiftskeller at some point before his death in 814, as have numerous other historic figures and present day celebrities including Bill Clinton.   I’ll tell him you said “hi” should I happen to see him at what I hope will be a very soon visit to St. Peter Stiftskeller.  See the St. Peter Stiftskeller website for more info.

Have you dined at St. Peter Stiftskeller?  I would love to hear your opinions.

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