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Following the Trail That Led to the Mysterious Death of Alabama Attorney Chace Swatek

By Rogershuler @RogerShuler
We continue to receive communications from readers that indicate they are baffled about the death of Pelham, Alabama, attorney Chace Swatek. That's understandable because, according to a spokesman, the Pelham Police Department remains baffled as to why a 35-year-old lawyer who seemed to be in good health wound up dead behind a stack of water pipes near a busy intersection in Shelby County.
We do know that Swatek died while in the midst of a two-mile round-trip walk from a house he rented in the Mallard Pointe subdivision to a CVS Pharmacy store. We know that Swatek made a purchase at the CVS, and a bag holding a few items was found near his body. The Pelham PD has not disclosed what was in the bag, pending the results of a toxicology report that is expected to take six months to a year.
Solid answers to questions about Chace Swatek's death are proving elusive. But we thought readers might find it useful to follow us on the path that Mr. Swatek took on the day he died.
The following video is not of the highest quality. In the middle portion--from the moment we turn out of  Mallard Pointe until we reach the intersection of Shelby County 35 and 52--my narration is drowned out by wind and road noise. Our movie-editing software is limited--as is my ability to edit movies--so we decided to go with the video and all of its shortcomings. Viewers might want to lower the volume in the middle portion of the video because the wind and road noise can be annoying. My apologies in advance.
The video runs 10:26, and the first 4:30 and the last 3:30 or so turned out pretty well. The middle portion is best viewed with the sound turned down.
My hope is that our imperfect video will at least give you a feel for the area surrounding the curious death of an Alabama lawyer.

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