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Flying Dog: Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout – Roasty Coffee Goodness

By Bolanrox

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I say Hey Hey Mama, with way you move, you’re gonna roast this coffee, you’re gonna make it sing.  Black Dog coffee, you have to love it..”

This being my first time trying a Kujo, I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.  Combining limited availability (my local beer guy said back in December that he was expecting only one case) with high praise, I thought I was setting myself up for disappointment.

Lets start with the basics.

From Flying Dog Directly: “Deep black color with mousse-like head. Chocolate, black, and roasted malts. Vanilla and chocolate aroma and flavor. Flaked barley and oats for a creamy texture. Dry finish and slightly roasted coffee after taste. Made with Black Dog Coffee. 8.9% abv.

I have no issue saying that I was wrong in that respect.  This is good, extremely good.  Of all the coffee stouts I have tried, this one is the only one to come across like a delicious cup of black coffee. After the first sip almost every other one tastes like instant..

Only Old Dominions Morning Glory has come close for me, and that was more in a rip your head off triple espresso shot kind of way.  Both extremely good, but much like a fine cup of the black stuff:  Kujo leaves you wanting (and can) have a second right away.

I am somewhat kicking myself for only buying a bottle,  but I am fairly sure I will be going back to grab a full pack shortly.  News of its almost KBS level of rarity was somewhat overstated, or perhaps this years production  was increased?

I did not pick up all that much booze presence, which at almost 9% ABV is a little surprising, but given how strong the coffee presence is, I cannot say that it was shocking.

I need to let it warm up a bit more the next time.  I drank it at cellar temp, but it went down to quick to get a chance to bring out any of the chocolate and vanilla notes that Flying Dog described.

So basically:  If you are a fan of coffee stouts,  please run, do not walk to your nearest shop and pick some up. I doubt that you are going be disappointed.

Flying Dog: Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout – Roasty Coffee Goodness

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