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FLXX Spotlight: The One & Only Emily Sugihara of Baggu!!

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

emily sugihara baggu

I am so so so so excited to introduce you all to the fabulous, adorable, and uberrr talented Emily Sugihara! Em and I go wayyyy back to when I was just a little kiddy. My sister and Emily were actually best buddies, and I thought the two of them were the coolest people around town. I probably drove them nuts a lot of the time… but I loved it whenever they would let me hang out with them.

Fast forward a bit… Emily started making adorable printed tanks and tees that I was obsessed with- my favorite had the word “JUICE” in bright orange down the side. Being my big sisters cool older friend with a love for fashion, Emily was definitely someone I looked up to (and still do). She later continued onto Parsons to study fashion design and ended up taking a job designing for J.Crew.

Later on down the road I heard that Emily and her mom came up with the genius idea to create a cute and reusable shopping bag line, which they ended up calling “Baggu“. Next thing I knew, I was seeing a Baggu bag on just about every corner… and I am sure you have to (maybe even at your local Urban Outfitters??). They are the perfect mix of fashion & function. Anyways, so stoked on how things have turned out for Em & so happy to say “I know her!!” & to share this exclusive interview with all of you!!

P.S. Congrats on the ENGAGEMENT Emily!! The fam & I are all so happy for you


P.P.S Be sure to check out this Teen Vogue video interview with Emily to hear her whole story as well as some great business tips, and/or read this really great article about Baggu & Em.

emily sugihara baggu

( I love Em’s adorable style, and am envious of  her ability to mix and match patterns so flawlessly! Find her Baggu Ostrich bag here.)

Fashionlushxx: Tell us the basics about yourself!
Emily Sugihara: Age: 29; Location: Brooklyn, NY; Occupation: CEO of Baggu

FLxx: How did you get started in the business of fashion? Tell us your story!
ES: I was so tiny in High School that I got really into making my own clothes because regular adult clothes didn’t fit me yet!

FLxx: What is the most important thing you have learned in regards to working in the fashion industry?
ES: Be yourself! Someone genuine is kind of rare in that industry, and everyone appreciates it. Also – answer your email! It’s amazing how far you can get by just being reliable and polite.

baggu studio new york

( In love love love the simplistic, yet stylish, Baggu studio!)

FLxx: How would you describe your personal style?
ES: Really comfortable.

FLxx: What is your typical go to outfit?:
ES: My office is super casual and so is my weekday style. You can usually find me in slightly baggy vintage Levis, a St. James striped shirt and No. 6 clogs (if I am trying), flip flops (if I’m not trying – this is more often). When it is hot, I sub jeans for neon nike running shorts.

emily sugihara baggu

( mustard yellow accents <3)

FLxx: What trends are you loving for Summer 2012?
ES: I’m still pretty stoked about neon, and hats.

FLxx: How about trends that you find to be cringe-worthy?
ES: Checking instagram during dinner.

FLxx: What are your favorite places to shop?
ES: Where I Was From- my friend Claire does this vintage site & everything is amazing! No6 Store- we have done a few great collabs with them, I LOVE their clogs and easy dresses. Shopping in their NY store is always such a treat. Patagonia- their women’s clothes are atrocious, but their Men’s stuff is perfection. Sometime I wear men’s clothing. Shop Bird- the store in my neighborhood is gorgeous and carries lots of local designers. My go-to store if I need to dress-up.

emily sugihara keds green

(Emily was the face of the ’09 Spring Keds Green Label!! How amazing is that?)

FLxx: Tell us all your most sacred beauty and/or fashion secret.

FLxx: What is the most beloved item in your closet?
ES: I have a killer pair of vintage overalls that I have been wearing like 3 days a week lately. They are baggy and super comfy in this NY heat! Seen below.

emily sugihara baggu

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