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FLXX Spotlight: Kaitlyn Otts from Fringe of the Cro

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

kaitlyn otts

Chances are you may recognize the little lady in the above pictures, and you’d be correct. She has actually been on the blog before (check it out here). So happy she is back for more.

Usually you’d think I wouldn’t post the same person twice, and you’d usually be right. Good thing I make exceptions, cause this post is pretty much one of my faves. Since we last saw her on FLXX… she has had quite a few, pretty significant, life changes.

First and foremost, she had a beautiful babe (seen below)… and she started a new blog. Switching things up, and showing off her and her baby boys awesome style.

I wanted to pick her brain all about her preggers style, how having Revel Jagger (<—<< coolest name) changed her style, tricks on how she cares for insane hair, how she got her body back after babe, and mucho mas.

cute baby boy fashion

+ First off, I am so stoked to have you up on the blog (for the second time). Since we last had you, you’ve had a baby and got a fab new blog. What inspired your new blog? Do you have any tips for other bloggers?

I came up with the name “Fringe of the CRO” while I was still blogging at Romans 12:2. I felt like if I changed though, it would confuse readers. So when I started this new chapter in my life, I took the opportunity. (CRO is my sister’s initials and my family is Crow Indian.)

Bloggers: It’s a tough break through. I’m dealing with it all over again. Just blog about you and what makes you unique. Also important is  picture quality, networking, and substance…

cute fashion blogger style

+ Ever since I first “met” you via the internet, I loved your style! Tell us how, if at all, your style has evolved from pre-babe to pregnancy to post-babe.

Pre-baby, I was just much much more free spirited. I could bare that midriff anytime I wanted. I was always down for skirts & massive heels… & usually bra-less.

fashionable and preggers
kailtyn otts

When pregnancy hit, I sort of resonated toward a more bohemian style. Flowy kimonos from Spell & the Gypsy Collective, tops from StyleStalker, and tons & tons of elastic shorts from Nasty Gal, Brandy Melville, Revolve Clothing, & Tobi. Once I got big, I stayed in mostly boots with low heels (your equilibrium is so off while pregnant). I did my share of theft in the 9 months, too. The boyfriend’s shirts were constantly missing!

After that, I was back in my old clothes immediately. Just didn’t quite look the same! There are definitely less midriffs hanging around (sob! It was everrry where this NYFW). Now that I’m working, I climb on tables all day… so skirts aren’t really an option either. With those items aside, the rest is the usual leather obsessed, rocker edge, boots, heels, pools of hardware…

grunge rocker style

+ Kid or not, i am sure that ladies want to know… what’s the hardest thing about dressing fashionable while preggers?

There really are a lot of options. You DO NOT have to go down that awful maternity road. The hardest part for me was saying goodbye to all the things I couldn’t fit in.

+ Is there any trends of 2013 that you love? How about ones you are not so fond of?  

The layering at BCBG was siiiick. Can’t get over it. Doesn’t it just make you want to wear a beanie 24/7?! (<—<< absolutely!!)

I guess I’m not so fond of the midriff trend, though. Or maybe more bitter about it? Of course it hits when I’m post-babe.

+ Who are you style icons? Mama’s or not…

Emmanuelle Alt does classic better than anyone.

Miroslava Duma is probably the best dressed mommy there is.

& right now I am super into Danielle Bernstein’s style from We Wore What.

Oh & the girls from dylanandlex… There are no words.

what's in your purse?
what's in your diaper bag

+ What can we find in your purse / diaper bag?

Purse: This is a ShoeMint bag, just recently had to update to a bigger size. I was so used to my Wang… Today you’ll find my Canon5D, Vogue, H&M Sunnies, a t-shirt I just DIYed for Revel, assortment of beauty products, & a Zara wallet.

Diaper Bag: This bag is from Target. Not an actual diaper bag… It’s usually over flowing with diapers galore, changing pad, wipes, baby lotion, extra clothes, baggies, extra passy, germ x, safety kit, & all my pump accessories, plus Rev’s favorite little fox rattle.

long hair braid

+ What is your most sacred beauty and/or fashion secret. Maybe you can tell us how that hair is so insanely fab?

Ha! My hair is actually naturally curly. So every morning I comb those out and let it air dry. Sometimes I use a DIY spritz that has coconut oil, sea salt, & water to add texture. Long hair also gets tangles so so easy, so I use Bed Head Superstar Leave in Conditioner. Secret to long hair: don’t fry it. I literally never fix my hair & give it breaks from washes as well. Dry Shampoo is amazing.

Fashion secret… Hm… I guess I just respond to what’s around me. The minute everyone starts following a certain trend, that’s probably when it’s time to find a new one. I really hate looking like everyone else.

fashion blogger style

+ I feel like if I had a new baby, I would be too exhausted to get out of my pajamas. Yet you are always looking fresh; do you have any tips for dressing cute & staying current on the fashion trends while living the busy life of a mom?

Believe me, the first month that is all I did! I’m lucky enough to have a job where I make my own hours. So I have all morning to get ready in between feedings, pumps, and entertaining Revel…

Anytime he sleeps I definitely take advantage of it, though. I follow blogs & stalk Instagram any chance I get.

+ Your really look SO amazing after just having a baby. Any tips on how you got your bod to bounce back in such a short time??

Honestly, breast feeding does wonders! Tracy Anderson said something about a window, where it’s easy to lose your weight right after the birth, but too long after and it’s a nightmare. That was enough for me. I definitely worked my ass off those first few weeks. Revel doesn’t sleep as often now & I’m back at work, though. Not a lot of opportunities to work out anymore, so now I just try to eat healthy…

I also didn’t gain a lot of weight through the pregnancy. When people say you can eat for two… It’s a lie.

fashionable mom style

cute baby fashion

+ Let’s talk about your adorable little man. How did you pick his extremely cool name (Revel Jagger)?  

Isn’t it the best? Haha. Ryan has Revelry tattooed on his rib cage… & under it has Tru Love written in a feather (Tru is my middle name). So it just felt meant to be… like the revelry he thought was his true love, was really his son. Jagger is obviously after Mick Jagger. My dad’s favorite band is The Rolling Stones. I’ve been obsessed since I was a kid & still pull that rocker edge style from him…

cute baby fashion

+ From stalking your Instagram, I’ve noticed Revel already has stellar style. Where are you fave places to shop for the little man?

Shopping for him is SO much fun! Here comes a mouth load… Zara Kids is beyond cute. Freshly Picked moccasins are a must. Thief & Bandit leggings are so cute you would wear them yourself! Cheap Monday for babies, need I say more?? Beau Loves, BoBo Choses… It goes on and on. A lot of those get a bit pricey… so if you’re on a budget, Target does seriously cute things & 77Kids as well.

+ Best piece of baby clothing you scored for Revel. Not kidding, all his clothes are so cool.         
Ah so hard! Ummm his Missoni stroller isn’t really clothing… but I’m so obsessed. I really love his harem pants from Beau Loves, too. I really want more!



+ Best thing about mommy hood?

There really aren’t words to describe. It’s a love beyond anything you’ll ever feel.  In one instant you suddenly have a connection with someone, deeper than anyone before.

It’s also brought me and Ryan so much closer. You fall in love all over again, and in a whole now way. He’s the best dad/husband/bestfriend I could ask for.


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