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Florida Retired Cop, Lawful Gun Owner, Shoots and Kills a Fellow Moviegoer Over a Trifle

Posted on the 14 January 2014 by Mikeb302000
Retired Cop Kills Father Of 3 Yr. Old For Texting In A Theatre
A retired cop, Curtis Reeves, 71 of Tampa shot and killed one man and wounded his wife with one shot for texting inside a Wesley Chapel, FL theater. – Facebook picture of shooting victim Chad Oulson and daughter
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A retired cop, Curtis Reeves, 71 of Tampa shot and killed one man and wounded his wife with one shot for texting inside a Wesley Chapel, FL theater. While attending a screening of Lone Survivor, Chad and Nicole Oulson sat in front of Reeves who was accompanied by his wife. Prior to the start of the film an argument began because the Oulsons were texting their 3 yr. old daughter and making noise. A witness stated that Reeves left to get a manager but returned alone. And that’s when the altercation escalated inside the theater.

What witnesses saw inside the theater.

Charles Cummings, a 68 yr. old Vietnam War veteran in attendance for his birthday, was two seats away from Reeves with his son Alex. They saw and heard the whole thing. Prior to the movie starting but during theater previews the argument began. When Reeves returned without a manager the argument began again it grew louder. Popcorn was thrown and Reeves drew a .380 pistol and fired. Nicole Oulson put her hand up in an attempt to protect her husband but the round went through her hand and into Chad’s chest. All the news reports are talking about "texting" being the cause of the trouble, but I don't get it. Isn't texting a silent and unobtrusive activity? 

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