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Florida Beaches Awesome Place to Enjoy Holidays and Tours

By Anooppt @anoopppt
Florida beaches are truly awesome and the beaches are now to offer hands free way to capture holidays.
The visitors to the beach and convention bureau representing the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel encouraged five Google Glass Explorers to test whether glass is the solution to flawless and nonstop photo sharing.
Google Glass Explorers are about 10,000 people selected to test an early version of the device.
The video gives viewers a wonderful ideal about how the Google glass can change the travel and holiday experience. The participants invited for the test took photos and shared them online of activities like Kayaking, Parasailing, cooking shrimp and also visiting to Thomas Edison’s winter home.
Google glass works wonderfully and to explains the benefits of traveling with glass the best is explained by Google Glass Explorer George “LOKI” Williams. He has also shared videos for this purpose.
The Google glass is such a wonderful app that it works even on voice command and lets you capture that moments which you sometimes miss out while pulling out the phone and taking the lens cap off. “The fact is that with the Google glass one can take picture or video with a simple touch or even with the voice command, that’s you will take ten seconds to pull out the camera out and opening up the camera app and then taking the lens cap off, for framing the shot. These procedure take away getting that perfect shot that you must be looking for.
The Florida tourism board is using this app “Find your island thoughglass” sweepstakes on Facebook. Once the Google glass is available for commercial purpose, one fan will win a pair of glasses and a free trip to Fort Myers and Sanibel Island.

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