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FlightHub’s Favourite Weird Small Town Ontario Festivals

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw

Ontario can be a very weird place. While I could wax for thousands of words about the sweet demeanour, hospitality, and the peaceful way of life found in the Southwestern Ontario region, at the end of the day it's kind of like stepping out of a time machine into an alternate reality where Texas has conquered a parcel of Ontario, embraced moderate liberalism, and everyone has a second cousin in the NHL. This is most evident in the way the people of this region celebrate. Home to many...unique festivals, Southwestern Ontario is big attraction for FlightHub, one of Canada's top online travel agencies. While Toronto, FlightHub's top Canadian destination, lies just east of this area, many people use Toronto as a gateway to explore the rest of Ontario's hidden gems. As such, FlightHub reviews all the different activities available to travellers in this region. With that in mind, here are three tried and true Southwestern Ontario festivals you can't miss.

Zurich Bean Festival

Located roughly thirty minutes North of London, Ontario, Zurich is a small town of less than 1,000 people. For what it lacks in size, it makes up for it... in beans. Zurich's Bean Festival will see its 52nd iteration in 2016. This festival features two communal meals centred around beans and other rural produce. In addition, this festival also includes street dances, car shows, and concerts from local performers. It's essentially a giant party, in honour of beans.

Belmore Maple Syrup Festival

You don't have to be in Quebec, FlightHub's home province, to get some great maple syrup action. The Belmore Maple Syrup festival was first celebrated in 1968 under dire circumstances. This small village, home to less than 100 people, needed to fix their community centre. In order to raise funds, the community came together, tapped every tree they could find, and brewed up vats of maple syrup to supply a massive community breakfast. Since then, this yearly festival has brought together residents of Howick, Turnberry, Culross, and Carrick townships in celebration of awesome breakfasts. For those on a budget, the whole thing costs $10. Talk about small town hospitality!

Collingwood Elvis Festival

The largest of the three festivals, Collingwood's Elvis Festival is know worldwide as one of the biggest celebrations of the career of The King. This festival features over 100 performances from Elvis impersonators and countless vendors looking to sell vintage Elvis memorabilia. Located on the southern edge of Georgian Bay, you can check out all things Elvis and enjoy the hospitality of this beautiful waterfront town.

FlightHub’s Favourite Weird Small Town Ontario Festivals

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