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Flaunt Flawless Skin This Summer with Skin Philosophie!

By Ethel Merioles @kaxmerio

Skin Philosophie Fort Strip Treatment Room

March is coming, and for the average Filipina, it's time to start transforming ourselves into beautiful, bikini-ready babes! To be truly bikini-ready, though, we need to make sure we've spent enough time shedding the Christmas pounds we've gained last year, and of course, remove unsightly bits of hair in our underarm and bikini areas!

If you can't find a decent derma clinic offering a variety of services that won't drag you into debt, you might want to check out Skin Philosophie, a relaxing skin care clinic hidden away at the Fort Strip. Best thing about it? The clinic employs a holistic approach in providing clients with services they need, and not just want.

Skin Philosophie Clinic Taguig

The dermatologist behind the clinic, Dr. Nikita Kyla Talens, trained at one of Europe's most prestigious universities in medicine, and it was here that she learned the value of improving people's well-being through a proper lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities. Hence, there are lifestyle modification programs available to anyone who wishes to transform themselves, as long as what they want is within reason.

Skin Philosophie with Nikita Kyla Talens

Dr. Nikita Talens with me

Knowing that I would be in good hands with such an accomplished dermatologist, I decided to try getting a laser treatment on my underarms. For me, while most people might consider a hair removal treatment as simple vanity, I believe laser is a convenient and far better way to get rid of hair safely. Remember that time shaving and plucking are considered a normal, and cheap, part of a woman's grooming routine? I learned the hard way that there are pros and cons to shaving and plucking---apparently I tend to suffer from chicken skin (which can happen from plucking) and ingrown hairs (which can also happen from plucking and waxing).

Underarm Laser Hair Removal After 3 Sessions Pic

Dr Talens herself will use the Palomar Lux R on her clients to permanently kill hair follicle cells that generate hair. Unlike the cheap IPLs in the market, the Palomar Lux R uses groundbreaking contact cooling and smooth pulse technology to achieve results without causing too much discomfort on the part of the client.

Skin Philosophie Fort Strip Treatment Room
Bare rooms? The clinic just opened in November last year and the rooms have yet to be fully furnished with decor.

I have to admit, the session was not free from discomfort. Just like with the other IPL sessions I have tried in the past, the Palomar hit the target areas and felt like tiny little punches (and not just pin pricks) under the dermis. According to Skin Philosophie, 4-10 sessions of Lux R treatment are typically recommended, with each session administered 4-6 weeks apart. Price for each session starts at Php2,260.00.
Ethel Merioles-Dennison Uy Lunch
Good thing I was fine mere minutes after the session, though! I got to enjoy my date with my SO right away! Skin Philosophie is on the 3rd Level of The Fort Strip at 28th Street, corner 7th avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For appointments, contact the clinic at 0917 886 0646.

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