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Flashback Friday

By Feistytapas @feistytapas
Every Friday Karin at Cafe Bebe takes us on a trip down memory lane with her Flashback Friday, this week I wanted to join in for the first time. 
My husband has been away since Tuesday and I miss him, I know LittleT misses him too because she has been a grumpy toddler. When she wakes up at night it's usually her daddy who goes in to give her a cuddle, in fact we think she wakes up just to get that cuddle because she doesn't see him in the day; however me, she is bored of the sight of me, she is with me all day long! Last night, every time I went in she seemed so disappointed to see me and not her daddy! He is back today, finally!
Those absences do indeed make the heart grow fonder and they make me reminisce. This photo is from the early days of being together. It was taken in January 2008,  we met as the year was getting started, he proposed well before it ended. I love this photo, not only because I am a big fan of bright reds and my "Pollock shoes" (aren't they great?) and I wish I could still fit into those very small jeans... to me it represents excitement, trepidation and it gives me a glimpse of what was to come: comfy shoes being very necessary in these our new lives running around after a very active toddler.

Flashback Friday

Mrs Tapas (left) and Mr Tapas (right)

PS-I do hope that coat fits this winter!

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