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Fixed Stars – The Astrological Meanings of All the Most Important Stars in Our Night’s Sky.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Fixed Stars – The astrological meanings of all the most important stars in our night’s sky.

In this huge article, I will run through all the fixed stars that I personally look at on a regular basis and what their meanings are when they are linked up to the planets and angles in our natal astrological charts. The stars above us are much maligned and often overlooked, but they should not be as they offer subtlety, extra meanings and colour to any astrological reading. By looking and taking note of them, they can provide the answers to questions where none may be available through looking just at the planets on the Astrological wheel.

The stars do move very slowly, about 1 degree every 70 years, so you should be able to work out where the stars were when you were born. The degrees I have included are correct for the year 2014. I have listed the stars in zodiac degree order from the ones at the start in the sign of Aries through to the last sign Pisces. I hope you will find this a hugely helpful resource to aid you in your own astrological work. By the way, when it comes to how close the connections have to be in order for them to be effective, I use a very close orb of influence of 1 degree either side of the star.

Fixed Stars – The astrological meanings of all the most important stars in our night’s sky.

Deneb Kaitos 02° 48' Aries - In the tail of Cetus the whale, this star is one of limitation, restriction and laziness but it also brings a charitable nature too. It encourages you to face up to your demons or opponents and gives you the strength to overcome them.

Alderamin 12° 59' Aries - The main star in the constellation of Cepheus the King. A star of gentle authority and strength, it brings honour and the ability to make reasoned decisions without being being too forceful against others.

Alpheratz 14° 31' Aries - A star in the Andromeda, this is a star of speed, freedom and movement and it brings a bit of a devil may care attitude to any planet or angle it hits. This star allows quick and decisive decisions to be made.

Baten Kaitos 22° 10' Aries - A rather unfortunate star in the belly of Cetus the Whale. The older stargazers mentioned that this star was linked to shipwreck, misfortune and accidents and it seems that one's successes may at some point be severely tested or a great downturn in one's fortunes can ensue.

Al Rescha 29° 35' Aries - This star in Pisces is the knot connecting the two fish of this constellation swimming in opposite directions. In the same way this star allows one to tie together different strands and ideas and combine them into a whole or it can indicate that you may not be stable in your point of view shifting from one position to another. This is generally a unifying influence and a generally peaceful one at that.

Mirach 00° 37' Taurus - Mirach sits in Andromeda, the Princess. This is a star that makes one very receptive to new things as well as being quite promiscuous as a person; it is also known to be linked to personal obsessions too. This is a creative star which encourages you to use your intuition and it brings much interest in the arts and in culture.

Hamal 07° 52' Taurus - A star in Aries the ram, this is a headstrong influence of independent action and it bestows a strong will. One will not take no for an answer and this can lead to success as well as confrontation and difficulties with people in charge.

Schedar 07° 59' Taurus - A star in Cassiopeia, the queen it embodies the values of female dignity and of using ones feelings and intuition to make the right decisions. This is a gentle star where wisdom and common sense is used ahead of conflict and anger.

Menkar 14° 32' Taurus - Sitting in the mouth of Cetus the Whale, this star is one of turbulence and also of insight. If harnessed correctly, this star can allow one to understand what the majority or collective want and need however it can also cause much disturbance in one's life and leave one vulnerable and isolated.

Fixed Stars – The astrological meanings of all the most important stars in our night’s sky.

Capulus 24° 24' Taurus - A difficult and potentially violent star in the sword of Perseus, this is reflective of male sexual energy. It brings a ruthless side to your character, is brutal, direct and decisive. There is much passion here, but it can get out of control and encourage you into taking savage and uncompromising action.

Algol 26° 22' Taurus - This star represents the head of the Medusa held in the hand of Perseus. Known as the demon star, Algol has a fearsome reputation depicting female sexual energy. Here is tremendous passion, intensity and determination that can be used for either good or thoroughly evil intentions. This is a star that can drive one to great heights or may lead one into hugely upsetting situations.

Alcyone 00° 12' Gemini - This is the brightest star in the Pleiades, a cluster of stars in Taurus. This is a star of wanting to gain insight but is also one that can make you angry and judgemental too and thus too narrow minded for your own good. There is a link to death, mourning and to sorrow with this star.

Mirfak 02° 17' Gemini - This star in Perseus the warrior, is a star of great energy and fearlessness. It can make you dive into action without considering your options and thus it may make you rash or unwise. Here is an influence that will encourage you to take on anything new and exciting, however you may overestimate your limits or abilities.

Aldebaran 10° 00' Gemini - A royal Persian star in Taurus the Bull. This is a star of great honour and success so long as you stick to the rules and do things by the book. This star can predict a great downfall in one's life if one tries to cut corners or does things in an unethical manner.

Rigel 17° 02' Gemini - Rigel sits in the foot of Orion and is a star of learning and teaching. This star makes one want to gain wisdom and knowledge and to spread it to others as well. This star can lead one into education, politics and community work where one can make a difference to those around you.

Bellatrix 21° 09' Gemini - Another star in Orion, Bellatrix is known as the Amazon star or the conqueror. This is a star of gaining success but in the process you will expose your weaknesses too. One may have to face problems and troubles as a necessary price for doing well.

Capella 22° 04' Gemini - This star resides in the constellation of Auriga, the Charioteer. This is a star that encourages you to act and think in an uninhibited manner, one will not want to be tied down or restricted in any way. It also is a star of fairness and parity and it will want you to act in an even handed manner.

Phact 22° 22' Gemini - This star is found in the constellation of Columba, the dove and it is an star of spreading your wings and exploring new things ideas and places. It is quite a brave star and one that allows you to venture into the unknown, be it in a physical or intellectual way.

Fixed Stars – The astrological meanings of all the most important stars in our night’s sky.

El Nath 22° 47' Gemini - This star sits at the tip of the north horn of Taurus the Bull. It is an aggressive star as the horns are used as a weapon and a form of defence. This star can encourage one to act in a polarising manner, for good or for bad, to save and bring life or to destroy and to kill.

Alnilam 23° 40' Gemini - This star sits on the buckle of the belt of Orion. This is a star of bringing different objects together, allowing one to hold disparate ideas and people under one banner. One can take what is known and expand on it, improve it or make a new object out of it, thus one can build a new objects, groups and ideas that will stand the test of time.

Polaris 28° 46' Gemini - This is the pole star sitting in the constellation of Ursa Minor, the little bear. This star for centuries has been used by sailors and explorers for direction finding and making your way, and the same interpretation carries over here as one will be a pathfinder if a planet or angle is connected to it.

Betelgeuse 28° 57' Gemini - This star sitting in the constellation of Orion is one of the most fortunate stars in the heavens. If one is lucky enough to have a connection to Betelgeuse, then it will enhance one's talents and will bring one power and unbridled success, without any hindrance. Remember, if one's intentions are bad, then this star will encourage and help these too.

Murzims 07° 23' Cancer - Murzims sits in the constellation of Canis Major, the large dog and has the nickname the announcer. This is a star that helps you to speak out or be very vocal on issues that are important or it may mean that one has a message for others that they should hear.

Alhena 09° 18' Cancer - Alhena is found in the constellation of Gemini in the heel of one of the twins. It is also known as the marching one and it brings the concept of promoting a cause, having an idea and running with it or following the ideas and views of others behind one "marches". In doing so, one may have to suffer some pain, but it will be a price that one will believe is worth paying.

Sirius 14° 17' Cancer - Sirius is also in Canis Minor and is the brightest star in the heavens, known as the Scorcher or the Shining One. It is connected to getting praise and success for the ordinary things that you do, but any fame may not be lasting and it may end in a blaze of ignominy just as quickly as it began. There is also a link to acts of selfless kindness and assistance that project one into the spotlight, going from anonymity to suddenly being in the spotlight.

Canopus 15° 09' Cancer - This star is part of the constellation Carinae, the keel part of the Argo, the great ship of the Southern skies. This is a star of taking voyages and of travel in connection to your work or career. This is also a star of leadership and making your mark on the world but as this star has connections to the end of the world, there is a dark and foreboding sense of the power it exudes.

Castor 20° 26' Cancer - Castor is one of the twin stars in Gemini. It's presence and influence on the planets and angles of a chart is one of creativity, of writing and seeing things in a very poetic and optimistic manner. This star brings a lightness of touch and maybe a naivety to the way ones expresses oneself without seeing the darker side and more difficult side of things.

Pollux 23° 25' Cancer - Pollux is the other of the twins in Gemini and this star makes one express one's ideas and views in a darker and much more sinister manner than Castor does. The nature of Pollux is to learn through experiencing hardship and rather than using words to solve a problem, here one will use a more aggressive and physical approach to get to one's desired outcome.

Procyon 25° 59' Cancer - This star sits in the constellation of Canis Minor, the small dog. This is a star of transition and of changing from one state to another. In a similar vein, one must take advantage of all the opportunities that come along under this star as they will briefly fade. This is a star of short term success and gains, of doing well or being flavour of the month before retreating back to where you came from.

Melleff (Praesepe) 07° 36' Leo - This is a nebula of stars known as the beehive sitting in the constellation of Cancer. As one might think, this contributes the nature of being busy all the time and buzzing around. It is connected to business success as one is always on the go and active. There can be a love of or need for stimulants such as tobacco or other drugs as well as an appreciation of rich food and drink.

Acubens 13° 51' Leo - This star is also in Cancer and it is connected to the cycles of live and of death. This star may bring a very optimistic outlook on life as well as in interest in resurrection and what happens to us when we pass on into spirit. One may be drawn to interests and professions where one enters or one leaves, from recruitment and human affairs to medical careers and even undertakers.

Dubhe 15° 24' Leo - Dubhe is the main star in Ursa Major, constellation of the great bear. This star is a gentle one of huge strength, persistence and endurance and if you have this star connected to your planets then you will be able to put up with all manner of problems in a calm and unhurried way. It gives intuition and understanding that what goes up must come down and everything works in cycles, so one's time and opportunities will always come around again.

Fixed Stars – The astrological meanings of all the most important stars in our night’s sky.

Alphard 27° 29' Leo - This star sits in the constellation of Hydra, the Serpent. This can be a very turbulent and emotional star and if the energy of it is prevented from being expressed openly then it can provoke extreme violence and tumultuous outbursts of anger and rage. There is great passion and obsession here to take advantage of though, and it can drive one on to great feats and achievements.

Regulus 00° 02' Virgo - Regulus is a royal Persian star sitting at the heart of the Lion in Leo. This star has the potential for one to get to be the king of the jungle and to rise up to a very prominent position, however there will be tests along the way and if one resorts to revenge action against an individual who tries to thwart your plans, then you may lose everything that you have worked for.

Thuban 07° 39' Virgo - Thuban is a star in the constellation of Draco, the Dragon. This star is linked to looking after a treasure or something precious that is of value to others. It brings in the idea of sharing resources and it may make you overly nervous or afraid that you will run out of something that you need, therefore this can be a star of anxiety and worry too.

Zosma 11° 31' Virgo - This star sits on the back of the Lion in Leo and is one of hard work and suffering. This star may indicate that you will have to go through a period in life of toil and hard graft and it also indicates that you may be victimised or pressured in some manner. If this is not the case you may work instead with people and in situations where victims are present and need assistance.

Denebola 21° 49' Virgo - This star also is in Leo sitting in the Lion's tail. It is a star of individualism and doing something that is either unique or special in some manner. It can also show someone who will avoid the mainstream and will prefer to do things for the minority or on the edges of society. There is a feeling of rebellion here and of seeing things differently to everyone else.

Alkes 23° 53' Virgo - This star is part of the constellation Crater, the Sacred Cup. Anyone with this star connected to their planets or angles will have some kind of special talent that they were born with or inherited from their family, maybe they use it through their work or it appears in what they create. There is a mystical and special feeling that surround individuals who have this star prominent.

Diadem 09° 09' Libra - This is a star of sacrifice sitting in the constellation of Coma Berenices, the woman's headdress. This is a star where you will work hard for the benefit of many without looking for reward or thanks. You may sacrifice your own chances so that others can progress, or you may be asked to do something that seems beyond your capabilities.

Fixed Stars – The astrological meanings of all the most important stars in our night’s sky.

Vindemiatrix 10° 09' Libra - This star nicknamed the "grape picker" or the "widow maker" is found in the constellation of Virgo. This star is one of harvesting and gathering and if connected to a chart it will confer an enjoyment of collecting things, be it objects, ideas or anything that you find interesting. This star does have an unfortunate side of losing one's partner or spouse when you least expect it.

Algorab 13° 39' Libra - This star is the main one in the constellation of Corvus, the crow. This is a nasty star and it will bring to one's character a sly and cunning streak, and you will think nothing of using someone else, telling lies or even using violent and aggressive tactics to further your own position. You may suffer unfortunate events, suffer constant delays and or frustrations.

Spica 24° 03' Libra - Spica is a lovely star in the constellation of Virgo the Virgin sitting in her hand representing a wheatsheaf. This star connected to your chart indicate a potential for brilliance and having an abundance of talent. It shows you may be extremely gifted and you will have a chance to share that gift with the world.

Arcturus 24° 26' Libra - Arcturus is the main star in the constellation of the hunter and farmer, Bootes. This star represents man's journey from hunting for an existence to developing agriculture and in the same way it contributes the qualities of making progress, developing new skills and leading from the front.

Acrux 12° 04' Scorpio - This star is in the Southern Cross and is a star of materialism and of running things. This star in your chart will give you the knowledge of how to make money, how to handle possessions and how to build businesses and organisations from the bottom up. There is a link here to the spiritual world and Acrux was prominent recently during a change in religious leaders at the Vatican and in the Anglican Church.

Alphecca 12° 30' Scorpio - Alphecca is a star in Corona Borealis, the wreath of flowers. This is a star where you will achieve much without little effort, however there will always be a price to pay later on. This star lends itself to a very open and colourful love life and also a love of nature and in particular flowers.

Zuben Elgenubi 15° 17' Scorpio - This is one of the stars of Libra, the Northern Scale and it is very connected to social reform. With this star in your chart, you will work tirelessly for a group or association or to make thing better for all without looking for any rewards for yourself. It can lead to careers in politics, local government of community affairs where you volunteer or give up your time for others.

Zuben Eschamali 19° 35' Scorpio - This star represents the Southern Scale in Libra and like it's partner it is also linked to social reform. This time however, the motivation is personal and you will work on behalf of groups and associations to change things for the better but only if you gain from the effort that you put in, either through gaining power, getting influence or doing well financially.

Unukalhai (Cor Serpentis) 22° 17' Scorpio - This star lies in the heart of the Serpent in the constellation of Serpens. This star is linked to healing and the medical professions and when connected to your chart it can indicate a weakness and a propensity for being a little accident prone. You may do well in helping people with their problems but also have some of your own to deal with in your professional life if you are anything other than honest.

Fixed Stars – The astrological meanings of all the most important stars in our night’s sky.

Agena 24° 00' Scorpio - Agena is one of two prominent stars in the constellation of Centaurus, the Centaur. This star gives you an appreciation of what the ordinary man or woman wants and though it's influence you will understand what to do to get success. This may be through action connected to a cause, through healing or being able to fix something that has gone wrong, either for the individual or for the group.

Toliman 29° 40' Scorpio - Toliman is the other star in the constellation of Centaurus and this star is about teaching others and expanding their knowledge. Again these lessons that you are either giving or receiving will be connected to something that has gone wrong or needs repairing, either in an individual sense or a collective one. This star is linked to healing through knowledge and through the giving of information.

Antares 09° 58' Sagittarius - Antares sits at the heart of the Scorpion in Scorpio. A royal Persian star, Antares is an influence of passion and intensity and it will give you a lot of courage in your convictions. This a powerful star of regeneration and through transformational experiences it can lead you to great heights and power however your nemesis here will be jealousy and obsession. If you succumb to these emotions then it can lead to self destruction.

Ras Algethi 16° 22' Sagittarius - Ras Algethi sits in the constellation of Hercules, the phantom, or kneeling one. This is a star of balance and connections to it will bring great love of nature and the environment around you and on a wider scale the future of the planet. You will have a need for things to be in the correct order and you may dedicate yourself to honouring something or someone who is more powerful or influential than yourself.

Ras Alhague 22° 40' Sagittarius - Ras Alhague is a star that sits in the constellation of Orphiuchus, the healer. Any connection to a planet or angle will suggest that you will have an aptitude for teaching or healing or you may suffer in an area of life. There is a feeling of providing a service here, through social work, political representation or though caring, psychological and healing practices.

Aculeus 25° 57' Sagittarius - This star is one of a pair of nebulae that sit in the sting of the Scorpion in Scorpio. This star shows that you will suffer the kind of attacks in your life that will toughen you up. This may be through criticism or even physical harm that you suffer. You will learn to take these on the chin and come back stronger and tougher.

Acumen 28° 56' Sagittarius - This star is the other nebula in the sting of Scorpio and like Aculeus it's twin star this is again connected to attacks. The difference is that Acumen provokes attacks against you that are damaging to your confidence, and your determination to succeed as well as your mental and physical strength over time will tend to be worn down. Your resistance will lessen and the blows you suffer will hurt you more and more.

Facies 08° 32' Capricorn - Facies sits in the eye of the archer in the constellation of Sagittarius. This is a hugely focused and ruthless star and one that that can provoke action that is cruel or even deadly. The qualities here can turn you into a fearsome leader or a dangerous foe, determined to accomplish whatever task is set with precision and accuracy. Here are the conditions for high achievement, but it can also make one very direct and incredibly outspoken.

Nunki 12° 36' Capricorn - Nunki is another star in Sagittarius sitting on the arrow being aimed by the archer. This is an optimistic star of knowledge and faith and it also tends to add a very truthful and cheerful side to one's character. One may travel long distances with connections to this star and it may give you the ability to speak very effectively on business, faith or international topics.

Vega 15° 32' Capricorn - Vega is a wonderful star in the constellation of Lyra, the Lyre. This is hugely creative star with special links to music, poetry or other artistic skills. You may have the ability to play an instrument, you may have incredible rhythm, have a mystical hold over others or just be very charismatic. There is the ability to deceive here, and you may be able to get others to do your bidding.

Rukbat 16° 51' Capricorn - Rukbat is a star in the knee of the archer in Sagittarius, holding his aim strong and true. This star is unspectacular in nature but it does allow you to make all the preparations and lay all the foundations in your life so that you can have lasting success, strong beliefs and philosophies that can last you a lifetime. The only downside is that Rukbat is so rigid it may lead to extreme stubbornness and when you have to change direction, you will struggle to do so.

Altair 01° 59' Aquarius - Altai is a star in the constellation of Aquila, the Eagle. This is a star of assertiveness but with a social conscience. Certainly if you have this star connected to your chart, you will not be afraid of taking a chance and you would rather get on and do something positive rather than sitting around and waiting for someone else to do so. One's motives in any action will not only be for yourself but also for the betterment of everyone too.

Sualocin 17° 36' Aquarius - Sualocin sits in the constellation of Delphinus, the Dolphin. This is a fun, jovial and cheeky star and it will accentuate one's confidence as well as indicating that you will be a master at a skill or over your environment. You may be curious, clever or very intuitive and this star allows you to constantly shine where others are struggling.

Fixed Stars – The astrological meanings of all the most important stars in our night’s sky.

Sadalsuud 23° 36' Aquarius - This star resides on the shoulder of the water barer in Aquarius and is a fortunate influence to have in your chart. It suggests that you will be fortunate through your intuition and in being in tune with the flow of things going on around you. In short you will be able to sense when to make the correct decisions at the correct time, so that you will maximise your opportunities.

Deneb Algedi 23° 45' Aquarius - This star sits in the tail of the sea goat in the constellation of Capricorn. This is a tough star connected to the law, justice and making sure that everything was in order. You will live life by the rule book with this star in your chart, having a serious demeanour and a conservative attitude. This star brings discipline and an attitude that one must do one's best not only for yourself, but also for the community around you.

Sadalmelek 03° 34' Pisces - This star sits on the shoulder of the water barer Aquarius pouring the water from his urn. This is a very lucky star however you will not be able to benefit from the fortune on offer unless you make the best of your opportunities. If you work hard and make the most of the talents and abilities that you have, then luck, fortune and success will eventually come your direction.

Fomalhaut 04° 04' Pisces - This star sits in the constellation of Piscis Australis, the southern Fish. There is a mystical and special feel about this royal Persian star and it can be an indication of charisma, charm and high ideals as well as an ability to be poetic, creative or have a clever turn of phrase. The problems here lie in getting too big headed or arrogant for your own good, leading to either a loss of respect from others or a complete capitulation where you can literally crash and burn.

Deneb Adige 05° 33' Pisces - This star is found in the mystical constellation of Cygnus, the Swan. This is a star of contrasts, giving you an aura of mystery and enigmatic qualities but also of strength and quiet aggression. Through this star you will possibly have a graceful or even regal attitude that you portray covering up a more hostile side should anyone interfere with your work or aims. You may go on a journey of spiritual awareness under this star in a very open and hands on way.

Achernar 15° 32' Pisces - Achernar is a turbulent star sitting in the constellation of Eridanus, the river. This star will bring many a crisis you direction and you will gain the ability to change direction and adapt to rapidly changing situations. Your life will be one of ebb and flow with moments of calm interspersed with difficult situations that you will naturally and efficiently learn to cope with.

Ankaa 15° 42' Pisces - This star is the main one in the constellation of Phoenix, the bird of fire that rises from the ashes. With this star you will have an ability to let areas of life be transformed or be regenerated so that you can continue along your journey. This is something that you will get used to and you may even begin the destructive process yourself as a way of getting around obstacles or blockages in your life.

Markab 23° 42' Pisces - Markab is one of the main stars in Pegasus, the constellation of the winged horse. This star is found on the saddle on the horse, thus this a star of balance and steadiness while all around you is going crazy. This star in your chart allows you to deal with pressure and to keep solid and calm in a crisis, although it may also may make you slightly stubborn and unable to change tack if you need to.

Scheat 29° 35' Pisces - Scheat is also in the constellation of Pegasus. This star is quite headstrong and independent, especially in the the opinions that you have and the way that you think. You will tend to follow your own ideas rather then taking on board those of others. You will search for your own truth and answers to the things that concern and interest you. You may be an intellectual rebel, someone who goes their own way and against the grain of popular thinking.

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