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Fixed Star Astrology and the American Election – A Question of Ethics and Honour

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Oh it’s getting rather dirty with accusations and insults of wrong doing flying between the two Presidential candidates. I said it would be in my analysis of the two candidates a few months ago, and even though I have already nailed my colours to the mast in thinking that Obama will just win the election in November (it’s going to be a close one), I think it is interesting to see what the planets are doing in the sky as it plays out the story beautifully.

Venus Jupiter Aldebaran

I have two star maps to show you. The first represents the challenger, Mitt Romney who in visual astrology is represented by Jupiter, the young prince or pretender to the throne, the one who seeks power. Right now Jupiter is sitting in the constellation of Taurus the bull and in close attendance is Venus (known in ancient Astrology as Ishtar), the goddess who shines her light in favour of the challenger right now. Romney is in the news and according to the latest polls is on par with the King (Obama) represented in the skies by Saturn.

Venus and Jupiter as you can see are very close to the royal star Aldebaran, the bright red star that sits in the eye of the great bull in the sky. Aldebaran is a star that traditionally was associated with Mithras, a warrior god and king who was known as the “Lord of Contracts”. According to legend, Mithras guaranteed you success and honour, if you held your side of the bargain he offered. He insisted on honesty and purity of his followers, and if their failed this test, then they were condemned to an ordeal of fire. In the same way, Aldebaran does promise success but challenges your honesty and integrity. Jupiter (Romney) here is being shown a path to greatness, but he will have to undergo a test of his honesty and integrity. Venus in connection with Aldebaran shows normally shows honor through music, literature and art, but also can show power which is directed wrongly.

Mars Saturn

Moving across the sky to Saturn which is sitting pretty in Virgo now conjunct Spica, the wheat sheaf in the hand of the Virgin in the skies. The king is feeling good right now. He has just got his healthcare bill through, Virgo is the sign of health so he was always going to win this battle and now Mars is joining him in Virgo, so the king will feel content that the planet of force and war is on his side. We have both of the main players Saturn and Jupiter being joined by a supporter, Jupiter with Venus and Saturn with Mars. Does this picture suggest that Romney’s running mate will be a woman? Condaleeza Rice has been mentioned recently, and I would not be surprised if he made such a decision.

Battle lines are now being drawn, and Obama and Romney and their teams have jumped into the fray feeling confident accusing each other of lies and deceit. Obama can sense that Romney is being blessed right now by Venus, the planet of money. Romney is bringing the cash and is looking like a viable contender, so how to hurt him? Test his integrity and his honesty and see if he reacts. Remember what I said about Aldebaran and Jupiter, and keeping your honor. Romney if he wants a chance to gain power and the crown and not be subjected to trial by fire, has to keep his cool right now and not bite back. Will he be able to do this? Venus says that he may not, that his power and influence may be directed wrongly.

There is one other scenario which can be possibly determined from this star picture. Jupiter also has international implications, and Venus Jupiter on Aldebaran can indicate someone or a group of a foreign nature opposed to the king using some influence to plot against him, for in Taurus on Aldebaran, they (Jupiter) seek the power for themselves. The king is safe for now being protected by Mars, but Mars will move on in the future, and then he may become vulnerable. This is one to keep in mind as we go on it the year. The king (Obama) will have to keep his wits about him.  

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