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Five “P” for You to Choose Jewelry Beads Business

By Toptopgifts

Most people would like to have their own businesses, there are so much field, what kind of business should you choose? If you are interested in fashion, there you may choosejewelry or beads business.
Why? Here is the five “ P’s” in the marketing.   People, Price, Product, Promotion, and Place  People: we can call beads or jewelries buyer here. Also, that is the customers we usually say. Everyone loves beauty, especially women. Do you know who go to shops most? It is reported that 88% customers in the shops, markets, webs are women. Women likes beauty very much and when they see some beautiful things, they would like to buy them for themselves, or for their honey, children, parents or friends. Besides the beautiful beads and jewelry for women, or for children, men, there are also other customers will buy the beads or related products – the garments shops, other shops, hotel, restaurant, office. It is no doubt that you can see many garments shops will have some beautiful jewelry to promote their garments. A bead curtains are one of the most popular decoration for the shops at present. The bead curtains makes the place more gorgeous. Five “P” for you to choose jewelry beads businessCompanies can be our important customer for beads jewelry. In some large company, when they hold some party, activities, or have some holidays, then some company will like to have some beads bracelets, necklaces, or small decoration, like beads keychains, beads mobile decoration for staffs or other people. That is also a kind of promotion.   Price: Because there are many different beads, so the price will be different. You can choose to order different beads for your market. And to make a finished product by beads, price also will be different, for example- the beaded phone charms. Therefore, there are different price of products for different customer.  Product: To start a jewelry beads business, one of the advantage is there are many different shapes, sizes, colors for your customers. Besides, if you have beads, then you can make some other related beads products, for example, beads necklaces, beads earrings, beads bracelets, beads rings, rosaries, beads curtains, beaded crafts, beads bookmarks, beads keychains, beads mobile decoration, beads hair decoration, beads garment decoration…Many many beads products you can make to promote your beads business.  Five “P” for you to choose jewelry beads businessPromotion: beads business is between secondary industry and tertiary-industry. It is the symbol of the world of fashion. Have beads and beads products to make you more fashion and attractive. Or have the beautiful beads and beads jewelry for your families, staffs, or to promote your business. Further, beads and beads products is one of kind of beauty gifts for everyone. You can make and promote more beads business in different holidays, weekends..  Place: Where have beauty, then where you can sell the beads and beads products. Beads and beads products is one kind of gifts, so where there are people, then there is the market for the beads gifts. You may sell your bead products to jewelry shops, decoration company, jewelry show, jewelry school…Want to start your jewelry and beads business now? Contact us for more information for beads business.

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