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Fit & Fashionable Friday – That Time I Bought A Vest Made From My Own Hair

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

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Fit & Fashionable Friday via Fitful Focus #fitnfashionable

So remember last week when I confessed that I spent way too much money at Zara when all I meant to buy was a hat? Well, I still never got that hat, but during that same shopping trip I got this white blouse and mega awesome vest!

Fit & Fashionable Friday in Fur via Fitful Focus #zara #vest #fitnfashionable #fur

Vest & Blouse: Zara, Leggings: Express, Boots: JustFab

Yep. The vest is pretty much the exact same color as my hair. As a matter of fact, it probably is my hair. I’ve donated a lot of it over the years. Is that weird? Yea… ok… that’s pretty weird. It’s not my hair. It’s fake fur, people. Geez. I would never wear my own hair. That’s so vain. Psh. 

Fit & Fashionable Friday in Fur via Fitful Focus #zara #vest #fitnfashionable #fur

What’s that? Why yes. yes that is a treasure chest of wine corks. That’s how Will and I roll. DRINKALLTHEWINE.

Fit & Fashionable Friday in Fur via Fitful Focus #zara #vest #fitnfashionable #fur #wine

Except that he’s doing Paleo right now so it’s really just how I roll. #myboyfriendmakesmedrinkalonebutimokwiththat (<— did ya get that?)

And no, that’s not blood splatter behind me. It’s a map. See?

Fit & Fashionable Friday in Fur via Fitful Focus #zara #vest #fitnfashionable #fur #map

Will and I ordered it online and thought it looked cool. Then it came and ever since we’ve been trying to convince ourselves it doesn’t look like we killed a third roommate to make a map. Hindsight, my friends. Hindsight.

Anywayyyy… who’s up for more wine corks? ME!

Fit & Fashionable Friday in Fur via Fitful Focus #zara #vest #fitnfashionable #fur #wine

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