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Fistful Of Questions With Jay Reeve Of MuteAnt Sounds

Posted on the 24 February 2019 by Ripplemusic
Fistful Of Questions With Jay Reeve Of MuteAnt Sounds
Fistful Of Questions With Jay Reeve Of MuteAnt Sounds Nap enthusiast.  Jersey transplant.  Processed meat aficionado?  This edition of Fistful of Questions comes to you from MuteAnt Sounds headman Jay “Daddy” Reeve and he may or may not be toting a boombox.  
What is your full name?
Jay Christopher Reeve
Do you have any aliases?
My kids call me Daddy but I’m also known as J.C. Reeve, J. Reeve, J Weed (in some small old school circles).
Tell me about one of your first musical memories.
My first musical memories, AM radio in my Mom’s 1969 Plymouth Satellite or the family phonograph in the 1970s listening to my fathers records from when he was in his 20s in the early sixties. I was into Kiss for like 2 weeks in 1977, I borrowed “Love Gun” from the library, I was done with that quick. I think I saw Kiss at the Amusement Park movie on tv or something. I was intrigued and I thought I would like it, it didn’t stick.
What was the first instrument that you played?
Guitar, I was obsessed with playing guitar when I was like 14. I wanted to be Pete Townsend and Prince. I didn't have a guitar until fall of 9th grade, I remember i bought my neighbors Fender Squier Bullet and 20 watt Peavey amp. I didn't know any chords, I didn't know how to tune it, I just like turning it up and making a racket. Finally I convinced my parents to get me lessons, I stuck with them for a while. It was fun, I would have this old metal head guy named Gary showing me Sex Pistol songs, scales (he never explained anything to me as to why I needed them or what a key was) and like playing songs out of the Mel Bay Book.
Do you still play guitar?  If not do you play any other instrument?
I DO NOT HAVE A GUITAR ANYMORE, SOME THIEF LIBERATED IT FROM MY POSSESSION WHEN MY HOUSE WAS TENTED FOR TERMITES. I switched to playing drums back in 1998, I also was a synth nerd for a while too.  
What was the name of the first band that you were in?
Mirror Image, 1989, rehearsed for what felt like years but was only 1 ½ years in my parents basement. We played a 4H Battle of the Bands, came in 6th out of 8th. Broke up shortly there after.
When did you start MuteAnt Sounds?
I started trading tapes of my band Two Foot Tall Jerk back in 1994 and after our demise in 1997 I needed another name to trade tapes under. So I started it as a tape label, then cdrs and a web site it the early 2000s. By 2012 the social media craze was full blown, I actually wanted someone else to release a bunch of recordings that myself and co-conspirator Vinnie Paternostro recorded from 2003-2008. Then it was like well we can do it ourselves, same as always. Bandcamp looked like a great concept pair it with facebook then twitter next thing you know it’s 2019 and we have released over 200 releases.
How did you come up with the name MuteAnt?
I was working a very dull job at that time, it was in a necktie factory down the street from my parents house. It was very boring, as you can imagine and it kind of spawned from there playing off the words Mutant. Here I was working like an ant, not talking to anyone and I liked weird music, it kind of named itself really.
Fistful Of Questions With Jay Reeve Of MuteAnt SoundsWhat does one do at a necktie factory and how long were you employed there?
Well, I am glad you asked. I laid out and cut panels of material to have the neckties template cut down. I also received materials and did the shipping. I didn't make the ties myself, you needed to be on a sewing machine.
What can we expect from MuteAnt Sounds in 2019?
Pretty much more of the same….. weird music, a few of the usual suspects and some new, fresh sounds. Electronic, experimental noise, free jazz, noise. 
Are you into heavy metal at all?
Not so much into it these days except for a feeling of nostalgia. I enjoy the classics from time to time. Always Sabbath. Never a fan of death metal or black metal, it always kind of seemed silly to me. I was more into punk so grindcore appeals to me more or Eyehategod if I want to hear doomier shit. I have a hard time getting passed how vocals sound. I like more shouting and yelling as opposed to cookie cutter vocals I hear in Death, Stoner metal or metal core that I have heard lately, it’s pretty disappointing. I hear about some bands being great and I get to where the vocals kick in and I shut it off.
How would you explain free jazz to someone new to that style of music?
Wow that’s hard to describe. It could be anything that doesn’t fall into a category or genre now a days it’s almost noise music except there is usually a beat/drummer and at least one kind of traditional “jazz” instrument. It’s really a few people playing loosely structured music, improving and just going for it.
Are you a Sun Ra fan?
Yes Sun Ra was a brilliant man and artist. I am highly influenced by his dedication to the craft, his mystique, his playing,That cat was from other places that we can never know.  I recommend to anyone wanting to check him out watch “Space is the Place” and “A Joyful Noise.” Record wise I would say just do a search on Youtube for his albums, listen to a few from throughout the years, he did a lot of experimenting. Some are straight up swing and others very experimental. My favorite era was when he had June Tyson singing for him in the 70’s.
Tell me two things that people should absolutely know about growing up in New Jersey.
Its Pork Roll not Taylor Ham. The Jersey Devil is real. I want to believe. (I had to Google pork roll and I am fucking rolling over here…  For those that are also in the dark pork roll is “unofficially the state meat of New Jersey….”  Processed meat.  I’m sure it’s as delicious as Spam.)
Tell me three noise albums and three free jazz albums that I need to hear.
Noise/experimental albums: Negativland -- Escape from the Noise, Anything by the Residents from their 1st album into the 80s. Love 666 American Revolution the First Suicide album. Thats 4 but I am terrible at narrowing stuff like that down.
Free Jazz  albums Milford Graves, Arthur Doyle and Hugh Glover --- “Babi”1977 Arthur Doyle --- “Alabama Feeling” 1978 The Giuseppi Logan Quartet 1965
If you could insert yourself into any one band which one would it be and why?
I don’t know, I never really thought about that before. I always wished I was somewhere in a studio or seeing a band live when I hear a song or album I like. There are certain live albums when I hear them I picture it in my head. I wouldn’t want to mess up the band by adding me to it.
Have you ever heard a song and immediately wished you had written it? 
Not really wished I wrote it but wished I could play it right on the spot. I don’t think I ever “wrote” a song, I never tried.
Fistful Of Questions With Jay Reeve Of MuteAnt SoundsThe year is 1985 where are you at and what are you listening to?
Hmmm I would have been 12, in 6th or 7th grade. Definitely listening to Prince Purple Rain, Van Halen 1984, Twisted Sister “Stay Hungry.” Taping songs off the radio on one speaker boombox that I took everywhere I could take it in NJ.
What is the longest time you have gone without bathing?
Good question. Probably on a tour, maybe a week. When I went to Europe in Temple of Bob Matin and I can only recall showering twice in the week plus we traveled to and from.
What is the last concert that you went to?
I have no idea, I haven’t been to a show that I haven’t played at or a concert that I had an actual ticket in over 10 years.  I don’t get out. I think it was Radiohead 2008 or the Stooges.
Who’d make a better jazz musician… Indiana Jones or Han Solo?
Hmmm again good question, probably Han Solo because he would get cocky. The finale of the set will be him shooting Greedo.
What is your favorite property in Monopoly?
Baltic Ave. Cheap rent. It’s probably not a good neighborhood but everyone is cool with each other.
Bruce Springsteen or Eddie Money (if you have to choose)?
Come on. Eddie Money has nothing on Springsteen.
Favorite book?
I like biographies and oral history books mostly about music. I just read the Beastie Boys book and the Roger Daltrey autobiography.
Favorite album?
Way too many to name. Whatever I am listening to at that moment, I like old 80’s hardcore or punk then switch to old prog or the Smiths or 80’s alternative music then some jazz, rap on and on.
Favorite movie?
I saw Star Wars when I was 4, it’s been my favorite since. Big Lebowski, I have seen that a million times.
Favorite meal?
Usually the ones I get to eat with my family.
Favorite guilty pleasure?
Naps. That's how you know you are getting old. You look forward to being asleep.

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