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FISHER ISLAND, Miami, Florida

By Jaclynsindia @siennacharles

I used to live in Miami and passed the ferry port to Fisher Island once every day. Sometimes twice.

To escape the winter in NYC, I booked 3 nights at this private island retreat. We arrived via the private ferry, and upon docking, we were greeted with 2 glasses of champagne and whisked away to our private cottage. They also gave us our own golf cart to navigate the island. We dined at the Italian restaurant, shopped at the island grocery store for cheese, crackers and wine, and thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous beachfront sushi bar overlooking the private marina.

The spa is currently undergoing a major renovation and although I did not get to dine at their fancier restaurants, they were truly beautiful and immensely classic. There was a 1920's Vanderbilt mansion with a courtyard that houses the island’s aviary of rare, tropical birds. The golf course can only be played by members, residents, or guests of the resort and is world class, along with the service and atmosphere of fisher island resort.

FISHER ISLAND, Miami, Florida

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