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First Look at the Cover of My Upcoming New Book!

Posted on the 30 December 2019 by Cendrinemedia @cendrinemedia

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

December has been a very creative month on my end. Ideas have poured out of me like never before. No writer's block to report!

When I ride the wave of creativity, exciting new projects manifest themselves. This time, it's a new book!

The Heart of Space is a collection of poems that I wrote at the beginning of my career. I chose them for their positivity and the topics they deal with, including solitude, the importance of embracing pain, and the lessons one can learn from self-discovery.

The book also features a foreword by David Ellis, the author of See A Dream Within: Found "Poe"try Based On The Collected Poetry Works Of Edgar Allan Poe. David and I co-founded Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal this year.

The Heart of Space is almost ready for publication. Stay tuned for the official announcement! 🙂

In other news

Years ago, after completing In the Silence of Words: A Three-Act Play, I decided to translate it into French.

Fast forward to 2018, when I finally released the English version. My computer decided to play tricks on me and hide the translated file until recently, when it magically re-appeared!

Long story short, I read that as a sign that it was time to publish the translation. And I did! Dans le silence des mots: Une pièce en trois actes is available for purchase at all major online bookstores: Amazon, Smashwords, FNAC, Indigo-Chapters, Barnes & Noble and more!

Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal: Issue 2 will be out on January 3, 2020. Right now, you can preorder a copy.

The issue features poems by Jenn Ashton, Philip Berry, Marcia Conover, Doug Croft, JD Estrada, Christine Herbstritt, Daniel Lyons, John C. Mannone, Antonia Salinas Murguia, and Lynn White. In addition, you will find social media tips, useful writing tools, and interviews with talented poets. Readers are even challenged to write some sixku, my poetry form.

Still looking for gifts for loved ones? Don't forget to check out my other books too!

    First look at the cover of my upcoming new book!
    First look at the cover of my upcoming new book!

Happy new year everyone!

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