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Fire in the Water, is the Body of Our Love

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

What do y’all think of my creepy shrine?
This is genuinely just a natural-magic-thing, and not a let’s-make-a-teenage-blood-pact-for-serious thing. And I’m definitely NOT  a cult member, so you can keep reading, safe in the knowledge that I’m not going to burst into a crazy rant about how Odin is going to shower vengeance down on us all and that you need to send me a check in the mail right away if you want to be saved when the rapture comes. Instead I’ll just talk about how much I LOVE Russian dolls, Tarot cards and candles. So here goes- I love them. I think they’re good. So…yeah. 
Yes, I still use a Walkman sometimes. It’s fun. And my IPod always seems to be on the fritz, so I like to have a backup. I don’t carry it around; but sometimes it’s handy late at night if I want to listen to music and more sophisticated technology has failed me. It also satisfies my hipster snobbery, and gives me a sense of superiority over those morons who queue up for the latest IPhone and then make a big thing of talking really LOUDLY  on it while walking around FootLocker, getting in everyone’s way and not hearing you when you say ‘excuse me’ because they’re too busy laughing their arse off with some guy called Dave The Rave, who I’m sure is somewhere in another FootLocker doing exactly the same thing, pissing off different people. Probably people who’ll also blog about it later. Wow. Shit just got surreal.
Anyway, none of the stuff in these pictures is new, so I won’t bother putting credits, but I would like to mention that the puppet is a childhood toy that I’ve had since I can remember, and people always say it looks like me. That’s probably a bit creepy from one point of view, but I quite like that. What do you think?Hope you’re all having a beautiful week! <3

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