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Finding a Comfortable Sofa Bed

By Alison_wood @midnight_eden

Finding a comfortable sofa beds ranks up there with one of life biggest mysteries. For years sofa beds were the expected bane of staying with friends. It seemed like the only solution was to get too drunk to care or face the wrath of a painful back for the duration of your stay.

Even worse is the discomfort of sitting on a sofa bed in the sofa position, as often they have a solid metal bar running down the back of the seating area which is in just the right place to stop anyone getting comfortable.

Adding insult to injury construction of some sofa beds requires a PHD just to avoid losing some fingers down the back. Often sofa beds are those lift and push to close jobs which often end up with you stuck in the back of them like Mr Bean.

Often the mattresses on sofa beds are stupidly thin or made up of the seating cushions of the sofa itself. When choosing a sofa bed it is worth testing out the transformation process in the sofa showroom so you can get an idea of how durable the product is.

Fear not the solution is here!

Sofa beds are now available in much more comfortable variations which fold down making them easier to set up and pack away. Now the simpler versions of the push to fold system are more manageable and easy to pack away.

Most modern day sofa beds also come with removable covers and washable fabrics which are much easier to clean than scrubbing away at the fabric whilst it is still on the sofa itself.

It is advisable to treat your sofa bed treasure hunt like buying a new sofa for your living room. Even though you may not sit on the sofa in your spare room everyday it should still be comfortable.

Apply the same thinking to the mattress of your sofa bed avoid those flimsy mattresses and opt for something which is more durable and thick. The thicker and higher quality of the mattress the better as this will mean that the sofa bed will be more comfortable to sleep on and sit on a result of more padding and cushion for your money.

Sofa beds should be usable as sofas and beds so try and find one which suits both needs or opt for an oversized l-shaped sofa and just sleep on that with a duvet…

Jonathan is a freelance writer who enjoys lounging in one of his numerous sofa beds to have a really relaxing time.

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