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Finally, Finally, Some Good News out of Jefferson City

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Morage @kebmebms

Good news out of Missouri's state capitol seems extremely rare for those of us for the people and not first for the wealthy and corporations so it was great to get this good, if expected, news this week:
Kander proposes campaign contribution limits in ethics bill

Now Secretary of State, Mr. Kander had made it clear, before taking office, that he would do exactly this and propose campaign contribution limits back into Jefferson City and it's long, long overdue. In fact, the previous limits should never have been done away with but you know those pesky Republicans. The only thing better than "campaign contributions" is the possibility of having no limits whatever.

What's great is that our own Representative Kevin McManus of Kansas City joined him in proposing the measure. 

Kudos to and for both of the men for this move.  Here's why, a bit from an article on this:

In the final quarter of 2013, Missouri lawmakers and political action committees received nearly $8.5 million in contributions of more than $5,000.

And sure, the Republicans in general, along with the corporations and wealthy, expeciallly Rex Sinquefeld, of St. Louis, will all be against this but hopefully, hopefully, the people will get behind this measure and Sec. of State Kander and Rep. McManus and get this passed so we can get our state government back for the entire state, back for the people.
Here's hoping.

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