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Fighting Obamacare is Unhealthy for Republicans and Other Living Things

Posted on the 26 September 2014 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
It's Maalox time for the GOP...again! Every time, more horrible news about the success of Obamacare, hits the news media...the sales of antacid around DC House and Senate staffers, make a mad dash to the pharmacies. They just can't understand why Obamacare is getting so popular?...sad, but true...they prefer to live in a state of illusion, forever.
Funny how the Republicans decided to call the Affordable Care Act; "Obamacare"...associating the ACA to the President...a way to disrespectfully demean the program. To the chagrin of the Grand Old Party and their Tea drinking cousins...Obama turned it around by saying; "Yes, Obama cares!"...and people have been listening, by the millions. They hate the success of the program, and the facts even more.
The uninsured rates for the Hispanic community have taken a plunge, from 35% uninsured to 17%...thanks to "Obamacare"! The states who refuse to expand Medicaid remain virtually the same at 33%...and that's obscene!  All these people vote...some, because they're pissed not having the same equal right on healthcare, that others have...and the rest, because they're glad someone did something for them. Either way, Republicans better stop playing in Fantasyland because the Latino Vote, 'is' going leftward big time, this year.
The success stories: In Oregon, 95% of all Oregonians now have Health Coverage! Hospitals are running more efficiently, benefitting from lower costs due to the slowdown in Medicare spending! Medicare spending for each of the nation’s 50 million elderly or disabled Medicare recipients would cost $1,000 less than was expected just four years ago! 11,000 Baby Boomers signing up for Medicare every day! Latinos, Women,  Students, and Recent College Graduates...starting their careers! Everyone is getting on the bandwagon while the GOP is just sitting alone, without anyone in their dance card. The ACA is not a good talking point for the GOP, now days. When speaking to a Republican, hand them a Tums and talk about the ACA...just tell them; "Remember November"!!
Number of Latinos with health insurance surges with Obamacare

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