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Feisty Tapas' Thermorules - Free Printable

By Feistytapas @feistytapas
Feisty Tapas' Thermorules - A free printable with useful reminders to look after your ThermomixI have a very exciting freebie for those of you who are Thermomix owners, a free printable. I love printables! Above all now that I have a fully working printer again. These are Feisty Tapas'
Thermorules. These are things so built-in now that I do them without thinking.
Print it, frame it, place it in your kitchen, make guests use it.
Always check the bowl is assembled
I do not want to hear of any more of you leaking liquid into your Thermie’s base because you have forgotten to assemble the bowl correctly or because you had well-meaning guests or family members last night. No more. Make them read the rules and, explain to them, if it’s not assembled it doesn’t get placed in Thermie.
Also, when you're tired or sleepy, either make sure you check and double check or just remove yourself from the kitchen. In my house at this stage I will have broken or knocked over a couple of things, so husband basically comes in, gets hold of me and removes me from the kitchen before I cause some damage! It tends to be a very good mood on his part. Even if I leave rather reluctantly.
That said, should your Thermie have an unexpected accident. First, do not panic! Second:
•   For the TM31: make sure you lay it on its back carefully, place something underneath to catch the dampness. Place it somewhere where the drying process will speed up, some people recommend the airing cupboard if you have one.
•   For the TM5: leave it upright, it drains upright. But do try to place it somewhere where the drying process will speed up, some people recommend the airing cupboard if you have one.
Once a week clean my feet
Now, for the feet. It's important to clean them regularly. Give your thermie an MOT (a good check) every once in a while, once a week is perfect.
I do the same for both the 31 and the 5: lay them on their back very carefully and make sure their bottoms and feet are clean.
Once a month check the scales
It's good for the scales, while at it, during this thorough check, make sure you check your scales are well calibrated, you can use something prepackaged for this or, even better, if you have a set of digital scales like I do (small, inexpensive basic ones), weigh something on them and then on Thermie, see how that compares.
By the way, for the scales: with the 31 I have always been told to not have the cable too loose nor too taut. Don't forget the cable rolls into the machine, you can roll any unnecessary cable into it and vice versa.

Never use the edge of the bowl to crack eggs or bang a spatula
Do not bang things on the edge of your bowl, like a spatula or other utensil (of whatever type) as you would do with a saucepan. It's not good for the scales.
The do not crack an egg on the edge rule has a double meaning: a) it's not good for the scales, as above b) it's difficult to find egg shell in the deep thermie bowl so try to crack eggs into a bowl first and then add them to Thermie.
Never ever drag me
Finally, dragging your Thermie on a surface is bad for the scales (let's remember to look after the scales), so just don't do it. Some people sit their Thermie on boards but it's really as easy as: pick it up, move it, carefully put it back down.
Disclaimer: I am not a Thermomix advisor or consultant and have never been, what I know has been through being repeatedly told, my research, paying attention in other groups as well as my own. Always check with your advisor or consultant (if you have one) and, of course, the company you bought your Thermie from: Thermomix.
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