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Feeling Sluggish? This Is Why You Need To Eat More Whole Foods

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

The term “whole foods” is one that has gained some traction on social media these days. People are turning more to food they deem to be “whole” or “clean”, and while most of us are aware that health and wellness relies on us being smart with our food, it’s also important to know what it means to eat whole foods and how it impacts our diets.

Whole foods incorporate all food products that are in their natural form: no additives, preservatives or other manmade ingredients added into the mix. This can be anything from nuts and seeds to fruit and vegetables, and we all know the raw honey benefits that will help our immune systems. The thing is, most of the food today is processed and we tend to stick to the easy, convenient food options. We don’t cook from scratch as much as we used to and with the obesity rates going up, it’s important that we are smart about our food intake. Processed foods have a tendency to make us feel sluggish, but with whole foods, this is less of an issue. You need fuel, and if you’re feeling sluggish right now, here are a few reasons you should think about adding more whole foods to your diet.

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  • Nutrients: All foods have an element of “something” you need in your diet. Even processed foods have that emotional component, even if they arent entirely nutritionally great for you. However, overly processed foods are stripped of their nutrients where whole foods are still packed with goodness. In their purest form, whole foods can offer your body more vitamins and minerals than you could ever have had otherwise. You won’t have to rely on supplements when you choose to eat whoel foods: you’re naturally consuming all that you need, anyway!
  • Less Sugar: Now, despite the Instagram “doctors”, sugar is not addictive unless you’re snorting it from the packet. It does, however, have negatives on your teeth and it doesnt satidfy your hunger for long. Swapping to natural sugars in fruit and veggies with whole foods is a good way to ensure that your diet has less sugar and less “false energy”. A chocolate bar is delicious, but it isn’t going to perk your energy levels up for long. Sluggishness should be fed with oranges, apples, bananas and other whole foods that will keep you energetic for longer.
  • High Fiber Options: When your body is lacking in energy, feeding it with more fiber is important. When you stick to whole foods, you naturally eat less becase your brain and your body knows that your system is well fed! With more fiber, you can improve your digestion, too, which is never a bad thing!
  • Healthy For Longer: Food is not medicine, but it sure does go a long way to keeping you feeling good. Added natural vitamins and minerals are never a bad thing and you can spend more time in your grocery store than at the doctors office. An apple a day, right?

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Feeling Sluggish? This Is Why You Need To Eat More Whole Foods

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