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Feeling Moody? How The Color of a Room Can Affect Your Mood

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

When you think about your home, did you choose the colors that are in it because you liked them, or because of the mood that they create?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you decorate, and color has a really important role in that.

You do have to think of your budget and personal taste. But some rooms are more suited to a certain mood. You might not have even thought about it before, but colors make such a difference.

Think about bathrooms, for example. Why are they just naturally suited to lighter colors and pale blues? It is a color that is one the cold spectrum, so having it in a room like a living room isn’t very cozy. It works well in a bathroom as it is calming and can help to reduce blood pressure.

So it is great to unwind with in the bath as it is seen as serene. Dark blues can create a feeling of sadness, though. So opt for baby and pastel blues to create and serene and calming room.


So before you redecorate and get the painters in, what moods do other colours create? Here are a few examples for you.


Red is an intense color. So it can raise energy levels and intensity. So if you want to create energy and excitement in a room, then this would be a good choice for you. It works well in a dining room, as it can help to encourage an appetite. It is a room that you want there to be energy in. Eating is an activity that should be enjoyed, especially if you are hosting a dinner party, for example. Red is said to raise your heart rate a little, which is why it isn’t always the best option for bedrooms or living areas. In those rooms, you want to relax and unwind a little more.

Yellow and Orange

Yellow colours, as you might imagine, promote sunshine and happiness. They are light and bright colours that can create a warm and joyful feeling in a room. Yellow hues are a great choice in hallways and entrance halls. It creates a welcoming feeling, as well as creating a light space that can look larger than it is. Kitchens and bathrooms are well suited to having yellow too.


Green is meant to be quite a calming and restful color for us to look at. It is one of the most versatile colours and works well in nearly any room. When you compliment it with other colours, it can create an unwinding atmosphere in a living room. It can also create a cooling effect in the kitchen or a destressing effect in the bedroom.


Purple is a grand color that screams sophistication and luxury, as it is rich and dramatic. It works well as a second accent colour, giving luxury touches to a room. Lighter purple colours, like lilac and can bring a restful quality to a room, without the coolness that a light blue brings.

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